Comments by lupus tenebrae

  • "Truly speaks to the cyclical inevitability of life and death: dour, yet beautiful, too. As always, I'm in awe of your words, glad to see you still frequenting these parts."
    Posted by lupus tenebrae on "Silent as Soil." by TheProphetUntold
  • "This hit close to home, like a portal to the past, a mirror-glimpse into my once disjointed mind. No thoughts are inherently stupid, no struggle is trivial, what you’ve written here is important and valid, a catalogue of felt emotions. Glad you found our humble slice of Internet, hope you enjoy your stay."
    Posted by lupus tenebrae on "confusion" by vamp_111
  • "More like a cringe dream journal entry written while adjusting to new psych meds, but it’s definitely interesting, hahaha! Appreciate the read."
    Posted by lupus tenebrae on "02/09/2013" by lupus tenebrae
  • "And yet those same marks ensnare moments and feelings in time, posing them in prison portraits on display. The paper is the lock, the pen the key, poetry is power over our circumstances, and I for one enjoyed your "marks". Write on, and welcome to The Valley."
    Posted by lupus tenebrae on "Marks on a Page" by RedWolf
  • "I know, I was kidding, I can appreciate bluntness...I'm dating it, so you're cool. And I don't have them as much, now, thanks to the meds, but every once in awhile I'll have a really bad one."
    Posted by lupus tenebrae on "02/09/2013" by lupus tenebrae
  • "My girlfriend happens to love my weirdness, hahaha! Mine are usually all over the place, some have made me wake up crying, others sick to my stomach, and then you get the surreal ones like this that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. "
    Posted by lupus tenebrae on "02/09/2013" by lupus tenebrae
  • "I like the almost sing-song meter, meshes well with the foreboding imagery, reads like a prophecy. Nice diction and uses of alliteration, great pen. Write on."
    Posted by lupus tenebrae on "Leviathan" by Chance
  • "Quite the vivid cavalcade of imagery, the feeling it gave me is indescribable, like a dizzied swirl, then culmination, a world created and disappearing in an impassioned blaze. Once I have room, I'll make sure to return and bookmark this, write on."
    Posted by lupus tenebrae on "Where are we?" by Jonas Robinson
  • "Too often we forget the foundation of the holiday, lost to the fast paced grey of commercialism, it's a time to break bread with one another, to slow down and enjoy the human experience, to reflect on what brought us here and be thankful we've come this far. A wholesome message from a humble poet, always a meaningful read. "
    Posted by lupus tenebrae on "Happy Thanksgiving" by Meadowhawk
  • "A verbose, yet raw-knit quilt with an almost fractured cadence, the rhythm was seamless and I liked the use of ellipses to create pause, giving more weight to each line. Well written, please, enjoy your stay."
    Posted by lupus tenebrae on "Broken " by RetalicD
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