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My name is Jonas Robinson. I'm an author and a poet, an artist in many ways. Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry.

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Poetry (Fantasy)2018-05-21Where are we?
Poetry (Horror)2018-05-31Burn Burn Burn
Poetry 2018-06-11A song of wind and dance
Poetry (Horror)2018-06-28Full Moon
Poetry (Horror)2018-07-17I've been eaten
Poetry (Ironic)2018-07-27Confusion
Poetry (Ironic)2018-07-31It bleeds
Poetry (Depressed)2018-12-01In the waiting
Poetry 2018-12-03Please untie me
Poetry (Love)2019-01-13A game of chess, no less
Poetry (Ironic)2019-01-14Wonders of
Poetry (Political)2019-10-14How can I speak without a mouth
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