Walking in the Woods

By Raven of Erin

Deeper and deeper I tread
Forgetting where the paths once led
The moon peaks a coy eye through the trees
The air is but the sighs of the breeze
Old and wistful is the woods
Half remembered buts and shoulds
Leaves caress my bare feet
It feels like there was someone to meet
A long time ago mayhaps longer than I know

It winds further and further inwards
Into the heart further towards
The oldest and wisest of spirits
The farther I go the harder it is to resist
The ancient call of my blood
To go out and feel tween my toes the mud
To go to the path once worn
By many a foot unshod and torn
In penitence or reverence I may never know

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Copyright 2021 Raven of Erin
Published on Wednesday, July 21, 2021.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "Walking in the Woods"

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  • lupus tenebrae On Thursday, September 9, 2021, lupus tenebrae (870)By person wrote:

    A very visceral sensory experience, and the diction you used was descriptive and enchanting. I could almost feel the plush forest floor. Well written, welcome to the valley. Scholar

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