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be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel

i do not worship satan, i'm too evil and he hates me

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Poetry 2019-02-26master?
Poetry (Reflective)2019-02-27this death
Poetry 2019-08-30SATAN
Other (Reflective)2019-08-31mirror
Poetry (Reflective)2019-09-05the L word
Poetry (Love)2019-09-17dont fail me
Poetry 2019-09-17all my poems from 2018
Poetry (Reflective)2019-09-18confusion
Poetry (Personal)2019-09-247:45am
Poetry 2019-10-14blue dress
Poetry (Personal)2020-05-13Thin
Rant (Philosophical)2020-08-04Ijustdontfuckinggetpeople
Short Story 2020-08-04Unfinished short story
Poetry (Abuse)2020-08-05Hush
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