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I too hear music...
you ain't special, It's the only way to take it in...
Shhh! that tree is far away.

Dejected_Worth's Works

Poetry (Non-Fiction)2008-11-295:30 in Brandy's Arms
Poetry 2019-04-25Let January come
Poetry (Depressed)2008-11-30methyllotratoradine (Amy)
Poetry (Love)2008-11-30I dreamt of you (crushed velvet and grace)
Poetry (Personal)2008-11-30To Her: wherever, whoever she may have been
Poetry 2008-11-30Recording everything...That never happened
Poetry (Reflective)2008-11-30Cheap Cigars (the perfect cut)
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2008-12-064:17 Nightmares (The Whiskey Blues)
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2008-12-27Room 285: tattoo's for all occasions (In A minor 7)
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2009-01-11No One Makes Love These Days
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2009-01-27Morning sickness and Tired Jazz
Poetry (Personal)2009-01-31Still Falling Awake..
Poetry (Tribute)2009-02-02Flightless birds
Poetry (Tribute)2009-02-03red hair and war paint
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2009-03-14Coming clean
Poetry (Tribute)2009-03-15Still a little drunk
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2009-05-14Nothing at all
Poetry (Reflective)2013-12-02Nashville and purple hair
Poetry (Personal)2013-12-02I called her mine
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-12-02and Anna (re-write)
Poetry (Personal)2013-12-02My last day in Iraq
Poetry 2013-12-04relapses are for lovers [sara in November]
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-12-04Sleeping with 7th Grade English Teachers...
Poetry 2013-12-06worth as much
Poetry 2013-12-06Noone really wants to know
Poetry 2013-12-06Angels and individuals
Poetry 2013-12-07Stealing Sara [December ten years ago]
Poetry 2013-12-07Cheating during hurricanes (Mary's little sister)
Poetry 2013-12-07[If you need me] I'll be the puddle outside your highrise
Poetry 2013-12-08Altoids and Gin
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-12-11For: who its obviously for
Lyrics (Personal)2013-12-13Sundays in November (lyrics)
Poetry (Personal)2013-12-2512:37 Brandy [spills all over me]
Poetry 2013-12-30Discounted hookers [inflated ego * depressed economy]
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