Comments by soul_versing

  • "This piece deserves a 10 and so that's what I rated it. I believe we all walk around with half a soul and that it take finding our other souls half to wake us up; until then, we'll continue to experience hurt on a variety of levels. Use that hurt as a learning experience and move forward with your life. Best of luck to you during this time. Sidenote: welcome to the DP valley, wee little poet... .hugs."
    Posted by soul_versing on "To get over you" by simranxxx
  • "My heart throbs, my upmost condolences. While this piece pulled on my heartstrings, it was written beautifully. .hugs&love. 🖤💋"
    Posted by soul_versing on "su amada" by Magdalena
  • "This is a difficult read, sir. I felt every ounce of this and it definitely played on my heartstrings. I wish for you, better days full of hope, peace and love. .hugs. I'm always an email away 🖤💋 "
    Posted by soul_versing on "Cold Coffee and a Black Cat" by Commander_Cadaver
  • "I want to go ahead and thank each and every one of you who take your time to read me. I never feel alone in this place and I feel like I have a strong support system here, keeps me from falling to pieces. Y'all are the best! Much love ❣️💋"
    Posted by soul_versing on "marble." by soul_versing
  • "Thank you so much for always being supportive towards my writes, truly means a lot. .hugs."
    Posted by soul_versing on "1212" by soul_versing
  • "Thank you so much. I agree, I have to put me first and I'm looking forward to my journey along the way. I can't wait to see what's in store for my future. Very exciting! .hugs."
    Posted by soul_versing on "1212" by soul_versing
  • "Thank you so much for being supportive an taking your time to read me. I'm learning so much about myself lately and it feels good to know that I'm relatable. .hugs.   "
    Posted by soul_versing on "1212" by soul_versing
  • "Thank you, love. I've learned to sit back and be the observer rather than being the interpreter. I have dreams and goals and I'm going to protect them and keep on keeping on. Period 🖤 much love💋"
    Posted by soul_versing on "1212" by soul_versing
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