Comments by soul_versing

  • "Haha! I was super excited when I reached the end, killer closing —hands down. Such descriptiveness and strong imagination blended (perfectly) together. I also love the sincerity in your tone, I felt the underlining reminisce and unconditional love spilling over to the next line, and so forth. A new favorite! Scholar "
    Posted by soul_versing on "Back to How Things Were" by Commander_Cadaver
  • "My heart throbs, my upmost condolences. While this piece pulled on my heartstrings, it was written beautifully. .hugs&love. 🖤💋"
    Posted by soul_versing on "su amada" by Magdalena
  • "This is a difficult read, sir. I felt every ounce of this and it definitely played on my heartstrings. I wish for you, better days full of hope, peace and love. .hugs. I'm always an email away 🖤💋 "
    Posted by soul_versing on "Cold Coffee and a Black Cat" by Commander_Cadaver
  • "I want to go ahead and thank each and every one of you who take your time to read me. I never feel alone in this place and I feel like I have a strong support system here, keeps me from falling to pieces. Y'all are the best! Much love ❣️💋"
    Posted by soul_versing on "marble." by soul_versing
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