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Artist and Set Designer
More of a Winter writer, unless inspired or inflicted by terminal thought.

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Poetry 2014-02-01 The Lady in the Red Shoes
Poetry 2014-02-01waiting for action……..
Poetry 2014-02-01The Bathroom
Poetry 2014-02-04The simple things
Poetry 2014-02-04Innards
Poetry 2014-02-04The fate of the unfulfilled
Poetry 2014-02-05Sea Squall
Poetry 2014-02-05Passing Time
Poetry 2014-02-06rhyming
Poetry 2014-02-06The Ominous Meeting
Poetry 2014-02-08Ends Beginning
Poetry 2014-02-08The Closure
Poetry 2014-02-09Through the Brambles
Poetry 2014-02-09Reality
Poetry 2014-02-12The Loop
Poetry 2014-02-12Russian Nesting Dolls
Poetry 2014-02-13Waning Wax
Poetry 2014-02-13McLife
Poetry 2014-02-13Knitting
Poetry 2014-02-14Late
Poetry 2014-02-14Death Becomes Us
Poetry 2014-02-16 Love Me Not
Poetry 2014-02-18Zyg
Poetry 2014-02-18Night Sky
Poetry 2014-02-18Man in the long black coat
Poetry 2014-02-19Super Nova
Poetry 2014-02-19Illusion Delusions
Poetry 2014-02-22Making It
Poetry 2014-02-22Into the darkness
Poetry 2014-03-02March
Poetry 2014-03-02Museum of the Mind
Poetry 2014-03-02Deep Colors
Poetry 2014-03-10March, the month of promises
Poetry 2014-03-11Jamie Looks
Poetry 2014-03-12Waiting for the bus
Poetry 2014-03-12The Pacifist
Poetry 2014-03-16A Face in the Net
Poetry 2014-03-16The Factory
Poetry 2014-03-17The calming source
Poetry 2014-04-10Blond Ponytails
Poetry 2014-04-15End of the block
Poetry 2014-08-17The Pine Barrens
Poetry 2014-08-17Regret
Poetry 2014-10-26Death of the hot season
Poetry 2014-10-26The Dark Season
Poetry 2014-10-26End Time
Poetry 2014-10-28Tethered
Poetry 2014-11-08The Cocktail Party
Poetry 2014-11-19Feelings
Poetry 2014-11-23Karma
Poetry 2015-03-21breathing house
Poetry 2015-06-06The Hole
Poetry 0000-00-00Breathing House
Poetry 2016-04-04The Art of Conversation
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