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Unsheathing my new sword,
I put down my bloody knife.
At least with words and pen
there will be no inquests.

cadymae's Works

Poetry 2022-01-20Beginning to dance on her grave.
Poetry 2016-07-27What's the catch?
Poetry 0000-00-00An auto-scourgic spasm
Poetry 2016-04-07Devouring Camelot
Poetry 2016-03-25Wake up while you are awake
Poetry 0000-00-00taking asylum inside
Poetry 2016-03-06I didn't win.
Poetry 0000-00-00Sizzle Stick
Poetry 0000-00-00A Dead Man's Shoes
Poetry 0000-00-00Tiny pleadings
Poetry 0000-00-00Third Son, Back up Husband
Poetry 2015-07-04Not Grandma's Sanka
Poetry 2015-04-14A Late Autumn's Night
Poetry 2015-04-08Wastrel
Poetry 2015-04-03True enough
Poetry 2015-03-16Rebirth
Poetry 2015-03-10Hatchet-shaped hole in a heart-shaped world
Poetry 2015-02-03Hate eats life
Poetry 2015-01-22The bondification of affection
Poetry 2014-12-29Evening's darklings at high noon
Poetry 2014-12-17Swallowing the sword
Poetry 2014-12-05Decrepitude Inn
Poetry 2014-10-05All growed up
Poetry 2014-07-08biracial harmonies
Poetry 2014-06-11Home to roost
Poetry 2014-06-11Melted in the pot
Poetry 2014-05-28forever is over
Poetry 2014-05-16Time Flies
Poetry 2014-02-08She watches and lives.
Poetry 2013-10-31Undressing on the way in
Poetry 2013-10-22pulsing affinities
Poetry 2013-09-26The Ecru Room
Poetry 2013-09-18the banshee's castle
Poetry 2013-08-08Post-epilogue, you don't dream
Poetry 2013-08-02Her inexorable creepiness
Poetry 2013-04-15The Devolution of knowledge
Poetry 2013-04-08Blooming on the decline
Poetry 2013-03-15Lost in distractions
Poetry 2013-03-06Love by toaster light
Poetry 2013-02-22The Last Finch
Poetry 2013-02-18Like Father, Like Son
Poetry 2013-02-07Tree of Life
Poetry 2013-02-07Indented
Poetry 2013-01-29Up-skirting a noun
Poetry 2013-01-14Dying before death
Poetry 2013-01-07Why?
Poetry 2012-12-11Stocking trade
Poetry 2012-12-08Surfing Life
Poetry 2012-12-05Get off my lawn
Poetry 2012-11-26 Phreaking at the State Fair
Poetry 2012-11-05A whisky rinse
Poetry 2012-11-01Ode to Speed
Poetry 2012-10-15Sunset is just around the bend. Come in!
Poetry 2012-09-29The poem that fell apart.
Poetry 2012-09-26The ruination of the little black Tarn
Poetry 2012-09-14A love story
Poetry 2012-09-04My Eclectic Primer
Poetry 2012-09-02The ants go marching
Poetry 2012-07-20Untitled
Poetry 2012-07-17April '53
Poetry 2012-07-12A postcard from my youth
Poetry 2012-07-11When a brunch goes bad
Poetry 2012-04-16The Lizard Mind (Part IV): GDTRFB
Poetry 2013-04-26The Lizard Mind: Fieldwork - Notebook /3, Observation/10
Poetry 2012-07-11The Lizard Mind (Part II): The egg-tooth of the Lizard Mind
Poetry 2012-06-28The Lizard Mind: A Foreword to the Prologue
Poetry 2012-06-28Kawasaki Intimacy
Poetry 2012-06-28Observation No. 1
Poetry 2012-06-28Past Tense
Poetry 2012-06-28The Voice
Poetry 2012-06-26June deBrides Engagement
Poetry 2012-06-08After the bender
Poetry 2012-05-21Newborn and trembling
Poetry 2012-05-10Tagore is right, still.
Poetry 2012-05-08Flotsam
Poetry 2012-05-04Unrepentant but defeated
Poetry 2012-05-03Grammar Lesson #1
Poetry 2012-04-12Wharfside bar light
Poetry 2012-04-12At first lick of the lips.
Poetry 2012-04-09Minding the Gaps
Poetry 2012-04-04The Pretty Time
Poetry 2012-03-20The Unbinding
Poetry 2012-03-06Listening to dust fall
Poetry 2012-03-06The Itinerant Mistress
Poetry 2012-03-01The Middle Ages
Poetry 2012-02-28Fecundity
Poetry 2012-02-27Dancing bones
Poetry 2012-02-07Alyssa Bustamante, Teen Killer.
Poetry 2012-01-29A Tanka for Eventide
Poetry 2012-01-18Nothingness, Something, Nothingness
Poetry 2012-01-13"Is Miss Vivienne there?"
Poetry 2012-01-12Yet I'll still regret
Poetry 2012-01-128-7-6-5-4-3-2-1: Birthing a thought
Poetry 2012-01-12Eggplant
Poetry 2012-01-07Dark moon rising
Poetry 2011-12-16Xmas Music
Poetry 2011-12-14Queen Bitch
Poetry 2011-12-13Perfectly Imperfect
Poetry 2011-12-09Chambered
Poetry 2011-12-07"Aftertaste"
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