Lab Rat

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I tried drowning my demons...

but they've since learned to swim

Lab Rat's Works

Poetry 2017-07-28Moments
Poetry 2017-07-25Some Days
Poetry 2017-07-24Frantic
Poetry 2017-07-16My River
Poetry 2017-07-14Beholden Discontent
Poetry 2017-07-12the same old song
Poetry 2017-07-12Upon a Silence
Poetry 2016-12-22Sorry
Poetry 2016-12-21Slumber Lust
Poetry 2016-12-21Living Obituary Lives
Poetry 2016-12-20Steadfast Woman
Poetry 2016-12-20The March of Times
Poetry 2016-12-19Lessons in skin
Poetry 2016-12-19Winter's Doorway
Poetry 2016-12-18Curtain Call
Poetry 2016-12-17Bullets and Yesterdays
Poetry 2016-12-17Bites
Poetry 2016-12-17Sunspots on my Heart
Poetry 2016-11-17Identity
Poetry 2016-11-17Shadow Whispering
Poetry 0000-00-00Hangman's release
Poetry 0000-00-00One Tear Tonic
Poetry 2016-02-29Father
Poetry 2016-02-27Setting Fires
Poetry 0000-00-00Of Myth and Legend
Poetry 2016-02-26My Villain, My Savior. My Heart
Poetry 2016-02-14The Mad King's Garden
Poetry 2016-02-13The Mad King's Tower
Poetry 0000-00-00All over again, hand in hand
Poetry 2016-02-11Yesterday's Child, Tomorrow's Man
Poetry 2016-02-11Anthem to Decline
Poetry 0000-00-00Peace
Poetry 2016-02-08Angels in the Dark
Poetry 2016-02-06Shine Together
Poetry 2016-02-05Pauper's Oath
Poetry 0000-00-00Yet to Walk, Beneath Fairytale and Moon
Poetry 0000-00-00Fair thee well
Poetry 0000-00-00The Idiot & LSD
Poetry 0000-00-00Memoirs of a Village Idiot
Poetry 2016-01-30Words Words Words
Poetry 2016-01-21A stripper named Destiny
Poetry 2016-01-19full auto faith
Poetry 2016-01-15conflagration spectacle
Poetry 2016-01-03phantom farewells
Poetry 0000-00-00Kisses Goodnight (that never last long enough)
Poetry 0000-00-00Boys, and bad behavior
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