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My real name is Christopher Allen.

I like to think Art without Heart is void of purpose.

You have neither known me nor loved me
If you have not read my poetry
It is where I bare all
In hopes that no one will see
- Chris Allen

Such an illustrious thrall
Worshiped by so many
And envied by all
- Eadgar Anton Crowe

Creativity is born of torment and passion is proven with tears
No secret bears so heavily as that of nature and fear
It descends like an angel and wreaks devastation upon us all
Leaving such wealth in its wake as a silent beauty rising to fall
- Eadgar Anton Crowe

Her eyes were my solace
So her arms became my home
And in their warmth I saw us
Braced to face the storm.
- Eadgar Anton Crowe

I have a Wordpress as well:
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