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Poetry (Rage)2015-04-26My Own Decisions
Poetry 2018-02-18What the Eagle Sees
Poetry 2018-02-27Haunted
Poetry (Spiritual)2018-03-04The White Lion
Poetry 2018-03-13Dead Memories
Poetry 2018-12-24Breaking Inside
Poetry 2018-12-26Smoke in the Dark
Poetry 2018-12-30Born Free
Poetry 2019-01-06Blood Wolf Moon
Poetry 2019-01-28Rise
Poetry 2019-03-09Wish
Poetry 2019-03-24The Apple and the Rose
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-06-23Spirit of the Earth
Poetry 2019-07-04Name Your Poison
Poetry (Reflective)2019-09-07The Carny Barker
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-09-09Never Seen
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-09-17Phantom Pain
Poetry 2019-12-14I Stand Alone
Poetry 2019-12-24The Light in the Sky
Poetry 2020-02-24Fences
Poetry 2020-02-29Catchin' A Star
Poetry 2020-03-10Karen ... dedicated to Molock
Poetry (Personal)2015-04-29Family Tree
Poetry (Personal)2015-04-29Old Scars
Poetry (Personal)2015-04-30Closure
Poetry 2015-05-01Midnight
Poetry 2015-05-04Stuck On This Road
Poetry (Personal)2015-05-05Whispers
Poetry 2015-05-07Fangoria
Poetry 2015-05-10Graffiti
Poetry 2015-05-20The Mask
Poetry 2015-05-28Imaginary Wolves
Poetry (Spiritual)2015-06-05Hollow Butterflies
Poetry 2015-06-21depraved black swans
Poetry 0000-00-00lunette remission
Poetry (Reflective)0000-00-00persescution of the crypt
Poetry 0000-00-00epiphany of a diminion
Poetry 0000-00-00the omen of affliction candles
Poetry 0000-00-00superstition strengthning the breeze
Poetry 0000-00-00Mourning stitches of razor back skulls
Poetry 0000-00-00Elorath Black Velvet Ink
Poetry 0000-00-00 white cloaked mythology
Poetry 0000-00-00samson's evanescence
Poetry (Fantasy)2016-01-24Self-Portrait of the Four Ages of Creed
Poetry 0000-00-00life left black and white into paler fire
Poetry 2016-04-16Ink Is Thicker Than Blood of a Gypsy Warrior
Poetry 0000-00-00Fallen Angel
Poetry 2016-08-09Sullen Martyrs
Poetry 0000-00-00No Picture Drawn is the Same Drawing
Poetry 0000-00-00Only the Lost Boys Know Where I Hide
Poetry 0000-00-00Hit the Wall
Poetry 0000-00-00Silver, blue and gold. Dedicated to Willow Wept
Poetry 2016-10-09Roanoke Lemur
Poetry 0000-00-00Tallahassee
Poetry 0000-00-00The Fight
Poetry 2016-12-10Cathect Orphic
Poetry 2016-12-22A Letter to God
Poetry 2016-12-24God's Reply
Poetry 2017-01-07Violent Green
Poetry 2017-04-23Benjamin
Poetry 2017-07-16Requiem for a Dream
Poetry 2017-08-06Right as Reign
Poetry 2018-01-12Delilah
Poetry 2018-01-20Anxiety
Poetry 2018-01-21Revelations
Poetry 2018-02-02Those who act like Sheep
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