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Poetry (Horror)0000-00-00i, Devil~lyn
Poetry (Horror)2016-10-20influenza wings
Poetry (Horror)0000-00-00pale shade of misery
Poetry 0000-00-00when roaches stop visiting
Poetry (Rage)0000-00-00it's like quoting Henry Rollins
Poetry (Horror)0000-00-00Roxanne - were
Poetry (Horror)2016-10-27the Businessman
Poetry (Horror)0000-00-00macabre en concerto
Poetry (Horror)0000-00-00banshee
Poetry (Horror)0000-00-00barbara
Poetry 2016-11-0310,000 leprechauns & 1 death star
Poetry 0000-00-00i, Poetry
Poetry (Horror)0000-00-00distillette
Poetry 2017-05-24she wasn`t a Playboy Bunny
Poetry 2017-05-25assholes
Poetry (Horror)2017-05-302Crows
Poetry 2017-06-01i, unValentine
Poetry 2017-06-06in`sectional hymn & some thing about Love
Poetry 2017-06-08dear Mike Meraz
Poetry 2017-06-11a man of menthol connoisseur
Poetry (Horror)2017-06-12*RISE* my love
Poetry 2017-06-13Trailer Park Girl
Poetry 2017-06-14Gutless
Poetry 2017-06-19black-listed verses
Poetry 2017-06-23un`stability
Poetry 2017-06-26choked to the point of yellow stars
Poetry 2017-07-04the end of
Poetry (Rage)2018-05-28don`t stick me in your mouth, I am a broken cherry
Poetry (Rage)2018-05-31death`note
Poetry 2018-06-02witchy
Poetry (Personal)2018-06-06a Sunset that Splits with no regrets
Poetry (Tribute)2018-06-25concubine`a
Poetry (Reflective)2018-06-28better than a good beer buzz in the morning
Poetry (Reflective)2018-06-30if you ask me, Mother Goose was just another scapegoat
Poetry (Reflective)2018-07-03zooming down a shocking blu highway
Poetry (Reflective)2022-03-31misses Saturday night
Poetry (Reflective)2022-04-01the anarchist divine
Poetry (Reflective)2022-04-02a thing of hollywood
Poetry (Love)2022-04-09cry`baby
Poetry (Horror)2022-04-18lejos de su tierra
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