10,000 leprechauns & 1 death star

By Devil lyn

    there is no gold
at the end of my rainbow, just a village
of cerebral pillagers ... nuggets
in crack crystal white are disguised as
sham~rock dealers, no dust
because bitches love rocks
in a bowl of Lucky Charms;
10,000 leprechauns armed ready
in blow body armor impersonating the recreational
of pipe liquid rapes
in a death star orbiting orifices
where foam froths
in galaxies far far away ...
like magnetic snow
snowmen are born in the imaginations
of blurry face`s, and fixes
are pixelized over pores
pulsing to please [ insert your needles here ] ...
and 'I'm sorry, honey' that your eggs have embryos ~
just cut the umbilical chords
and everything will be alright.


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Copyright 2016 Devil lyn
Published on Thursday, November 3, 2016.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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  • carlosjackal On Sunday, September 17, 2023, carlosjackal (2827)By person wrote:

    Grindhouse poetry. Oh, the humanity! Love it :)

  • Alchemist On Monday, June 25, 2018, Alchemist (682)By person wrote:

    I don't know what to comment other than it kinda has the feel of something I was thinking of today and probably won't use so I might as well put it here. I'm the chef in cartel kitchens, creating ultimatums like Alton Brown, we could legalize sin and keep the murder rate down, or continue prohibition, citizens are criminals now.

  • A former member wrote: as a reader I was struggling to find a theme through the cocaine snowstorm but suddenly it became crystal clear that there seem to be cracks in the egg shells...nicely done! Xie Xie!

  • A former member wrote: Well....I was hooked...soon as I read the name.....hadn't even bumped the words yet...😊...and I was hella suprised by the overt imagery, and the dynamic juxtaposition of the dark subtext, interlaced with the child immersive main themes. What great and entertaining read. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.

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