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End the torment on paper, unless it's what you love and even then, share it and save another..

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Poetry (Love)2017-08-27Gently without words
Poetry (Love)2017-08-29Poetry in the dark
Poetry (Reflective)2017-12-16Corners
Poetry (Love)2018-05-13.....but love me.
Poetry (Love)2018-05-20Surviving your evenings
Poetry (Depressed)2018-08-06Lonely a home
Poetry (Love)2019-08-14Dark whispers of Love
Poetry (Love)2019-08-16Weeping Woman
Poetry 2019-09-17Unlucky Scot (Limerick)
Poetry (Abuse)2019-09-17Beautiful earth goodbye...
Poetry (Personal)2017-07-07Sickened love
Short Story (Abuse)2017-05-04Disappointments room
Poetry (Love)2019-08-01Lover of words
Short Story (Fantasy)2017-04-17Tree of the ancients
Poetry (Love)2017-06-02Defined Daddy of mine
Poetry (Love)2017-06-29Young love it was
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-04-14Original chase
Short Story (Love)2017-04-12Hawaiian Hearts near and far
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-04-09Mindful victories
Short Story (Love)2017-03-29My Loving Hate
Short Story (Abuse)2017-03-29Four candles and a mirror
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