The March of Times

By Lab Rat

The tolling of midnight, strolling through chilled streets
The bells clanging atop cathedrals
Where the horizon is past the boundaries
Where my feet start to ache
and my eyes mist
Decay tarnishes the glistening of stars
Far above, the canopy, the embers of fire
Burning as they always have

Steps always moving, body drug along
As if pulled
by some tide of changing times

Gravity never held me in one spot
For too terribly long

The old year, rang out, the new clanged in
Times changing to remain roughly the same
Lacking ambition to traverse past the causeways 
Of yesterdays folly

Just wrapped in a new vintage

The changes evolve through my bones
The gristle of my meat
Ligaments pulling, hardening

Knees adding a few new creeks
A couple new pops
Fingers curling with pain
Arthritis, snarling my grip
On what I used to cherish

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Copyright 2016 Lab Rat
Published on Tuesday, December 20, 2016.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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