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When man calls an animal "vicious", he usually means that it will attempt
to defend itself when he tries to kill it.
Publishing a volume of verse is like dropping a rose petal down the
Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo.
Any fool can paint a picture, but it takes a wise person to be able to sell it.
I'm a dog person now.
I'm getting old!

Jonas's Works

Poetry 2017-08-25halo
Poetry 2017-08-25Taylor on Probabtion
Poetry 2017-07-13universe
Audio (Reflective)2017-06-30agoraphobia
Poetry 2015-01-11my druthers
Poetry 2015-01-11simple life states
Poetry 2014-12-31lovesick
Poetry 2014-12-04A Meditation
Poetry 2014-11-14Catfish
Poetry 2013-02-26icarus and the anemoi
Poetry 2009-07-02garlic
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2009-05-26a discussion on anger issues and communication diarrhea
Poetry 2009-01-28i wrote it because
Poetry 2008-08-18an unlikely story
Poetry 2008-01-30wintersong
Poetry 2008-05-31honey-bee
Poetry 2008-05-30in the time of science fiction
Poetry 2007-06-27generating electrons in diatonic waveforms
Poetry 2007-06-02pulp: generation
Poetry 2007-05-23exploded head caricature
Poetry 2007-05-08death rambles in the sweet gaseous intoxicant
Poetry 2007-05-03depths
Poetry 2007-04-17the late thaw of this american spring
Poetry 2007-03-21season
Poetry 2007-01-31while listening to an old man's song
Poetry 2007-01-07coupling flesh on the backdrop of the infinity of the universe
Poetry 2006-12-29zygote
Poetry 2006-01-01the first of last year
Poetry 2006-10-19a model on a billboard
Poetry 2006-08-05faith on window sill with horsefly
Poetry 2006-07-25a man of me
Poetry 2006-05-13untitled
Poetry 2006-04-08martian attack
Poetry (Political)2006-03-20falling hard
Poetry 2006-02-15beat
Poetry (Political)2006-01-06i am a slave
Poetry 2006-01-05herb
Poetry 2006-01-05shaving
Poetry 2006-01-05diaspora
Poetry 2006-01-05incompletely realized
Poetry 2006-01-05musing
Poetry 2006-01-05the measure of belief
Poetry 2006-01-05josh bones
Poetry 2006-01-05hold me
Poetry 2006-01-05seventeen steps shy of a perfect valentine
Poetry 2005-11-22hash from alexandria
Poetry 2005-11-20i swear the city lights dim when everyone's asleep
Poetry 2005-11-12modestly
Poetry (Reflective)2005-11-03out of clotting factors
Poetry 2005-10-18deconstruction of life and death
Poetry (Beat)2005-10-12sixty-two years
Poetry (Beat)2005-09-20naked in a chair
Poetry (Reflective)2005-09-09descent of solar curtain and the rise of the second act
Music (Reflective)2005-07-20some say she came from east berlin while the curtain still hung
Lyrics 2005-05-23skull and cross-bones
Poetry 2005-02-27if my darling were a watermellon id tell gallagher where she was
Poetry 2005-02-02ok, whatever you do don't ever press that fucking red button...
Poetry 2005-02-02dross
Poetry 2005-02-01pre-dawn teenage horror-show (or) storm in a tea-cup
Poetry 2005-01-25of the reconstruction of civilization & the tone of present days
Poetry 2005-01-17without a car
Poetry 2004-12-30two modern boys
Poetry 2004-12-30abstract ideations of comfort and co-dependancy
Poetry 2004-12-30the retracing of steps
Poetry 2004-12-30feminine double standard
Poetry 2004-12-30keroac always drunk on rotgut died trying to forget he exists
Poetry 2004-12-30old writings that are applicable to my feelings these days
Poetry 2000-09-02a napkin scrap
Poetry 2004-10-21glimmer
Lyrics 2004-10-11tachycardia(lyrics adapted from poem)
Poetry 2004-09-20to wander
Poetry 2004-09-15skipping stones
Poetry 2004-08-123 freewrite
Poetry 2004-08-12self-conscious
Other 2004-08-12the new orleans leg
Poetry 2004-08-12southern summer by railroad tracks with a book
Poetry 2004-08-12on the highway running
Poetry 2004-06-10seventeen years
Poetry 2004-06-092.2 freewrite
Poetry 2002-06-06missing pieces
Poetry 2004-04-19fingertip pricked picking up a quarter in a larkin st. gutter
Poetry 2004-04-06chammomile
Poetry 2004-04-05running dog
Poetry 2004-03-20fillmore
Poetry 2004-03-18wallflower
Poetry 2004-02-12less than messianic arrival at forgone conclusions
Poetry 2004-02-12(mirage) an abstract image of the high desert
Poetry 2004-01-27buzzkill
Poetry 2004-01-11asphalt
Poetry 2004-01-09tachycardia
Poetry 2003-12-19painting
Poetry 2003-11-23mr. van pelt
Poetry 2003-11-23angela reaches terminal velocity
Poetry 2003-11-05sleep escapes as i greet the season
Poetry 2003-11-01at a loss for words
Poetry 2003-10-182 freewrite
Poetry 2003-10-181 freewrite
Poetry 2003-09-16inertia
Graphic Art 2003-09-01sunflower seeds
Poetry 2003-08-22phoenencian purple does the mobius
Poetry 2003-08-10she speaks myth by the fireside(i caught a glimpse)
Poetry 2003-07-14andy-christ superstar{monroe*and*corn*chowder}
Poetry 2003-05-28many walks
Poetry 2003-03-27revelations written for the enquirer
Poetry 2003-02-14san francisco
Poetry 2003-01-17the red whore
Poetry 2002-11-23shit smelling party favors
Poetry 2002-11-21jellyfish
Poetry 2002-08-17b flat
Poetry 2002-08-08sin
Poetry 2002-05-27LightHouse
Poetry 2002-06-11Cypress
Poetry 2000-02-08with matt fitzwater
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