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"She said, you're strange, but don't change, and I let her"
-Neil Young

"Love is a fire
It burns everyone
It disfigures everyone
It is the worlds excuse for being ugly"
-Leonard Cohen

"To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible God."
- Jorge Luis Borges

Stranger's Works

Poetry 2018-06-10A Stranger Will Know My Name
Poetry 2017-11-24Almost Mercy
Poetry 2016-04-06You are Still Here
Poetry 2014-04-27Real and Unreal
Poetry 2014-04-24One of Us...
Poetry 2013-11-06An Unintentional Kindness
Poetry 2010-12-08The Sky is Broken
Poetry 2003-07-28Carnival
Poetry 2003-08-13My Pen
Poetry 2004-04-27The Magician
Poetry 2003-08-25 R.E.A.L.
Poetry 2003-12-10Remonstrance
Poetry 2007-03-18Musing
Poetry 2004-01-09Three Confessions
Poetry 2003-11-24Escape
Poetry 2003-09-22Sentence
Poetry 2003-08-28Future Woman
Poetry 2003-07-14How a Poem is Born
Poetry 2003-07-01The Nature of Things
Poetry 2003-06-30End Game
Poetry 2003-06-25Forgotten Poets
Poetry 2003-06-19My Body Lightly Rhyming on a Bad Day
Poetry 2003-06-17Missionary Position
Poetry 2003-05-16Sanctuary from Time
Poetry 2003-05-12Chris
Poetry 2003-05-12Remembering the Future
Poetry 2003-05-12Lucero
Poetry 2003-04-30Master
Poetry 2003-04-29Perfect Slave
Poetry 2003-04-26Untitled Poem about Love
Poetry 2009-03-08Table for Two, Dinner for One
Poetry 2003-04-25A Poem's Ransom
Poetry 2003-04-18Stranger and the Snow Queen
Poetry 2003-04-13Returning
Poetry 2003-04-12Sorceress and the Robot
Poetry 2003-04-12Strange Moon
Poetry 2003-04-12Woman
Poetry 2009-03-15Through the Singularity
Poetry 2008-12-17I Told Me So
Poetry 2008-10-21Mea Culpa
Poetry 2008-10-20Contract with a Muse
Poetry 2008-10-16The Woman Who Wasn’t There
Poetry 2007-03-22This is Longing
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