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The Negative Green ,
Night in the Gila as Mental as Elementals

Silver Spectre's Works

Poetry 2003-10-03Perpetual lie
Poetry (Love)2022-11-03Paradox Transmission
Poetry (Spiritual)2024-02-27Fall To Rise - With Nothing Left Behind
Poetry 2003-10-03My breath the sea
Poetry 2003-10-03Chains
Poetry 2003-10-04Knowing you
Poetry 2003-10-05Silence and Thunder
Poetry 2003-10-06Her River Bends
Poetry 2003-10-06The Pearls I Never Knew
Poetry 2003-10-07Crazy
Poetry 2003-10-07Sweet Mystery
Poetry 2003-10-07From Grace Fall Your Eyes
Poetry 2003-10-07Halloween Fix
Poetry 2003-10-08Untitled
Poetry (Spiritual)2003-10-08Between The Spirit And The Clay
Poetry 2003-10-09The Dream My Life And You
Poetry 2003-10-10Path to Gehenna
Poetry 2003-10-12What is it?
Poetry 2003-10-13Unicornian Ways
Poetry 2003-10-16What she was and would never be
Poetry (Spiritual)2003-10-18Pinacle of spectre (the other side)
Poetry 2003-11-03The Waterfall
Poetry 2003-11-03Whispers Scream
Poetry 2004-01-09Sweet Lucidity
Poetry 2004-01-22© Past Life Tragedy
Poetry 2004-02-06Holy Waters
Poetry 2004-02-06Crystal Shadows
Poetry 2004-02-08Beautiy Eterinty
Poetry 2004-02-08Thunder Breaks~Let Them Hear Me
Poetry 2004-02-08Wisdom Of Age
Poetry 2011-04-06Getting Old
Poetry (Spiritual)2023-01-01We Come
Poetry (Spiritual)2017-11-07I never knew Summer
Poetry 2004-02-08Sails Wave
Poetry (Love)2003-10-03If in the Moment
Graphic Art 2003-12-02Silver 2
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