High Order of Caratacos

High Order of Caratacos This Cabal is a “by invitation only” group comprised of artists that are serious about their craft. Members are generally interested in philosophy, travel, history, and literature and they have pledged to stimulate related discussions and content across the site. To this end, members actively contribute and participate in various writing exercises, discussions, writing prompts, contests and challenges.

We are still frequently cynical, dark, brooding, and sometimes downright prickly, but we have left the angry days of youth behind and seek now to have interesting conversations and challenge ourselves to produce kickass art. We are like a class of DP scholar monks that seek to class the place up and learn something through interaction.

In celebration of our love for the spoken word and performance art, we have taken the name of Caratacos, a silver-tongued Celtic Chieftain. All members must do his legacy proud by being respectful, thoughtful and committed to providing a forum to serve the intellectually curious and artistically serious.

**Icon attribution: Celtic gold stater Catuvellauni Tasciovanus CC-BY-SA-3.0-nl
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