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Temptation is human, but then again- so is willpower.

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Poetry (Philosophical)2020-11-16Fractured Phoenix
Poetry 2020-10-26Divergent Memories
Poetry (Philosophical)2020-10-06Amen
Poetry (Beat)2020-10-05Too Much Right Now
Poetry (Structured)2020-10-03Unlove ft. happilydepressed, bornfrompain
Poetry (Personal)2020-10-03Interrupted
Poetry (Depressed)2020-10-02In Vain
Poetry (Reflective)2020-10-01Not Unlike
Poetry (Political)2020-07-22Conqueror's Witness
Poetry (Personal)2020-07-21Anguished Unmaking
Poetry (Fantasy)2020-06-12Echoes of Night
Poetry (Political)2020-06-11Shades of Flesh
Poetry 2020-03-29Breaking
Poetry (Love)2020-03-29Nicotine Kiss
Poetry (Personal)2019-10-02Dysphoria
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-01Nightmare/Daydream
Poetry (Personal)2018-02-15Legion
Poetry 2018-02-11In my Garden of thought,
Poetry (Philosophical)2016-10-19The Three Fates, Defined
Poetry (Philosophical)0000-00-00The Death of Art, The Raven, and The Rose.
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00Darkness claims Hero
Poetry (Philosophical)2016-02-26The Paper Man
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