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I'm working on new shit to post, All I come up with is the same old shit but i promise you i will post some new shit

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Poetry 2004-11-18"Happily Depressed"
Poetry 2004-11-23"Two Way Mirror"
Poetry 2004-12-02"Angel Tears"
Poetry 2004-12-02"Victim of Love"
Poetry 2004-12-14"The Hole Maker"
Poetry 2005-01-18In The End
Poetry 2005-01-24The Boogey Man
Poetry 2005-01-25Sleep, Dream, and Die
Poetry 2005-03-08Evil Angel
Poetry 2005-03-09Lively Deceased
Poetry 2005-03-11Uncomplicated Confusion
Poetry 2005-03-23Beauty in The Beast (Repost)
Poetry 2005-04-07Sunshine Dust
Poetry (Reflective)2005-05-13Final Thoughts
Poetry 2005-05-24The Man Who Wouldn’t Save The World
Poetry (Spiritual)2007-01-26And The Thought is Gone
Poetry (Depressed)2007-03-16Beyond Within
Poetry (Depressed)2007-10-03Dark World
Poetry (Depressed)2007-10-05To Hell I go Again
Poetry (Depressed)2008-02-11Soul Dream
Poetry (Horror)2008-02-05My Only Wish
Poetry 2008-07-15Find Me
Poetry 2010-12-28Untitled
Poetry (Depressed)2010-12-29These Thoughts
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