Death or Life

By happilydepressed

In the stillness of the midnight hour
Awoken by restless spirits so dour

Their voices in unison reached a beautiful timbre
Chanting a single chorus too disembodied to remember

Who needs the reassurance
This is just an everyday occurrence

The dead want us to join them in eternity
The living are the only ones to pity

Are our minds so distraught
To produce such a saccharine thought

To find solace in the emptiness and vastness
End the struggle to live and breathe among the masses

Look to the one who no one will accept
Walk the same path as those before us have stepped

On this terra forma you say you cannot remain
This was never your fate and with no time left but for to explain

So when you reach the otherside that afterthought
Make sure you shake the dirt from your eyes and hide your rot

Stand by for that appending accension
I cannot hold on to you with any earthly comprehension

Go now to your heavenly abode
Leave me here and take the cloud you rode

For I haven't the will to travel the skies
Nor the time to unravel all the lies

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Copyright 2021 happilydepressed
Published on Saturday, May 1, 2021.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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