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"And men, whose reason long was blind,
From cells of madness unconfined,
Oft lose whole years of darker mind."
- Tennnyson, The Two Voices

Surprise!for those who have no idea who I am,allow me to introduce myself.The name's Damon. metaphorically,and socially,I am a freak. I'm amused by things others find repulsive, and attracted to things usually undergoing some sort of decomposition. I'm not above attempting to predict the future by fondling severed sheep intestines, and frankly,for the right price I could enjoy becoming an expert in extispicy.
But my days mostly consist of moderate taxidermy,Writing poetry and prose and any kind of literary composing endeavors I feel crafty enough to write.
I also dabble in various arts of all forms: drawing,painting, collage, and capturing that Kodak moment with whatever photographic devices are available.
you can't trademark my soul but our personalities are financially influenced prototypes sponsored by the people who brought you television.
Our archetypes come in the form of sitcoms and special news reports about serial killers.I'm not some fabricated personality to amuse you.The facts remain. I have always been the same disorganized perfectionist you adore,or vehemently abhor. I think some of you simply miscomprehend who I am and what sort of Idealism I represent.I'm positioned at the most extreme point of objective abnormality from what's considered normal to most.

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Poetry 2018-09-15In the house of broken mirrors
Poetry 2013-10-09Asylum Hearts
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