The night is nigh

By deathndismay

These destructive mental patterns scatter ceaseless thoughts I gather in the hours all the world thinks I'm asleep.
Reconstruct what has been shattered, breathe new life into the matter as I pick and choose which words to burn or keep
I never sleep
I never lay my head to rest, at best I hail to endless war within my head and chest.
There is no peace
I write no treaties with myself, I am my mortal enemy, my hole my cage my Hell...
I'm not myself
Nor am I one within my mind, for many have we now become divided by thin lines...
We are not Legion
For we gather all as one, and the wicked never rest until the devilry is done...
I disengage
Disseminate my cortex walls, collapse within the vortex as these demons force the fall...
Elated as I burn, forevermore these wraiths shall bathe in flames for which they yearn...
We laugh together
As we rise once more from ash, alas if death were peace undying pain could never last...
Disembowel the feral Spectre, find my center and divide the flesh from bone, dissection...
As I find I'll never die, these broken fucking fragments shall be mine for all of time
So I deconstruct the patterns of my sick and weary mind as another night decays and rays of light begin to shine.
Deep inside the demons scheme of how to torture me tonight.
I hear them cry " The night is nigh " I smile and sigh...

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Copyright 2019 deathndismay
Published on Sunday, October 27, 2019.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

I'm tired....
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