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Poetry (Horror)2019-10-27The night is nigh
Poetry (Spiritual)2018-09-28While I'm away
Poetry (Political)2018-09-28Waste Of War
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-01-23Lords Prayer ( For the conflicted)
Poetry (Horror)2013-01-10Hands of the wicked
Poetry (Horror)2013-01-02All That's Done
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-12-17Lost prayer
Poetry (Depressed)2012-12-09Kiss of Death
Poetry (Depressed)2012-12-07I Bleed
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-12-04Hourglass
Poetry (Personal)2012-12-01Fallen dreams
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-11-24Damned
Poetry 2012-11-17Sacrifices
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