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Been getting back into writing heavily as of late. I've been honing my techniques around horror and dark erotica. I have several short stories and poems listed @


Please check out my Instagram for more poetry, art, memes, fandom, and movie madness for all your horror and erotica needs!


I've had a lot of fun diving back into this outlet and thank dark poetry for many years of continued support.

FearlessDragon's Works

Poetry (Horror)2012-12-21Requiem (Act I - Prelude)
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-12-21"Truth"
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-12-21Dark
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-12-21Aesthetic Deception
Poetry (Depressed)2012-12-21Sleep
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-12-21The Mirror
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-12-22Separate Thinker
Poetry 2012-12-22Mass Unproduction
Poetry (Depressed)2012-12-229MM
Poetry (Horror)2012-12-22The Hunt ( A fairy tale)
Poetry 2012-12-24Hollow
Poetry 2012-12-26Mercy Kill
Poetry 2012-12-27Keepers of the Black Light
Poetry (Personal)2012-12-28Vittra
Poetry 2012-12-30Falling Skies
Poetry 2012-12-31Purgatory
Poetry 2013-01-02If fear...
Poetry 2013-01-03Devils
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-01-03Mind
Poetry 2013-01-04Candy Cane
Poetry (Love)2013-01-08Creatures of Suffering
Poetry 2013-01-20Mass Cotard Delusion
Poetry 2013-01-20No Love
Poetry 2013-01-23Goodbye
Poetry 2013-01-23Incomplete
Poetry (Reflective)2013-01-28Cosmic Connection
Poetry 2013-01-28A Meditation
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-01-30Taffy Bullet
Poetry 2013-01-31Something Wretched
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-02-03Kill the King
Poetry 2013-02-06Associated Refillings
Poetry 2013-02-06Have No Fear
Poetry 2013-02-09Horror Haikus
Poetry 2013-02-12Wasteland
Poetry 2013-02-12Inhibited
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-02-13Stay In The Moment
Poetry 2013-05-21Submissive Suicide
Poetry (Horror)2013-05-31Damsel
Poetry (Reflective)2013-06-01Ponder...
Poetry (Depressed)2013-06-03Broken Souls
Poetry (Reflective)2013-06-16Human
Poetry (Haiku)2013-06-17Beast
Poetry (Reflective)2013-06-22Catalyst
Poetry 2013-06-22Fearful Heart
Poetry 2013-06-22Bloodlust
Poetry (Horror)2013-07-02Abysmal
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-07-07Embrace The Nothing
Poetry 2013-07-11Broken Pyramid
Poetry (Reflective)2013-07-13Confined
Poetry 2013-07-14Stale
Poetry (Horror)2013-07-18Hollow Echoes
Poetry (Reflective)2013-07-24I
Poetry 2013-07-25All Turns Grey
Poetry (Reflective)2013-07-28Solitude
Lyrics (Philosophical)2013-08-01God of Demise
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-08-27Infinite Calm
Poetry 2013-09-30Sickness
Poetry 2018-03-02Dirty Secret
Poetry 2019-08-15Beware the Boar
Poetry 2019-08-16Humility
Poetry (Personal)2019-08-18Gallows
Poetry 2019-08-20Violent Vortex
Poetry (Abuse)2019-08-22Selfish One
Poetry (Philosophical)2020-04-01Divine Oscillation
Poetry 2020-04-01Onward to Death
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