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I am new to poetry really.Only about nine months. I was having trouble sleeping and my mind found a distraction from all the negative thoughts swimming around within it! And that was that. I was off . I seem to be most spontaneous at night, when trying to sleep ( grrrrr) but these blooming poems don't hang around! I like to try out new styles, and I love being set challenges! I write poems about anything and everything! I came over to DP because some of my naughtier poems were banned on other sights. Now I feel free to experiment, away from those prudish eyes!

It's a joy, discovering poets with whom I can connect. The talent out there is astounding and totally inspiring! I am hoping being part of such a rich site will continue to stretch my poetry writing! I wish I had discovered my passion for poetry earlier, as I would have had more time to read and learn! I feel that there is a lot of 'catch up' and learning for me to do!

Stephanie Sideways's Works

Poetry 2012-12-15My Sweet Obsession
Poetry 2012-12-15Left Lobe Anxiety
Poetry 2012-12-15White triangle ( knickers)
Poetry 2012-12-15Saved
Poetry 2012-12-16The Making of the Moon
Poetry 2012-12-16Earth without people
Poetry 2012-12-16One year a tree day
Poetry (Personal)2012-12-16Blessed
Poetry 2012-12-17Hello Dark Poetry. Its me
Poetry 2012-12-18Answered in dreams ( yes, it can happen!)
Poetry 2012-12-20Pink or Blue ( Is she flirting with me?)
Poetry 2012-12-21The glimpse of her panties
Poetry (Personal)2012-12-22One last Coffee
Poetry (Comedy)2012-12-22Itching a scratch
Poetry 2012-12-23Shall I send you my flower?
Poetry 2012-12-23Drug induced blood, sweat and tears
Poetry 2012-12-24Cryptic Lipstick
Poetry (Comedy)2012-12-24Santa I've been naughty
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-12-25Wishes washed in tears
Poetry (Personal)2012-12-26Promises
Poetry 2012-12-26Honour Killings
Poetry (Structured)2012-12-26Small beginnings
Poetry 2012-12-27Semicolon smile
Poetry (Structured)2012-12-30Psychopathy (acrostic rhyme)
Poetry (Comedy)2012-12-30Nail varnish nightmare
Poetry 2012-12-31Resolutions (January acrostic)
Poetry 2013-01-01The girl on the bench
Poetry (Satire)2013-01-01Heaven ( rhyming acrostic)
Poetry 2013-01-01Stillborn
Poetry 2013-01-02Reclining nude
Poetry (Structured)2013-01-02The A to Z of revenge
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-03Welcome dreams
Poetry (Comedy)2013-01-05Floccinaucinihilipilification
Poetry (Depressed)2013-01-06Stark
Poetry (Structured)2013-01-06Root erosion
Poetry (Comedy)2013-01-09Bladder control
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-10Stubborn
Poetry 2013-01-12Notes
Poetry 2013-01-12Mind over matter
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-12Sealed
Poetry 2013-01-14The age of computers
Poetry (Love)2013-01-14On your pillow
Poetry (Love)2013-01-14The one after the pillow write
Poetry 2013-01-15I cry
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-15Splinters and fragments
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-01-16Cute for stammering
Poetry 2013-01-16Trashy Mag
Poetry 2013-01-17Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Poetry 2013-01-20Dream-ed muse
Poetry 2013-01-20Prolific poet pen
Poetry (Reflective)2013-01-22Stupid
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-01-24A voice
Poetry (Comedy)2013-01-25The washing monster and friends
Poetry 2013-01-25Blood spilt
Poetry (Tribute)2013-01-26Riptide ( poetic ocean)
Poetry 2013-01-28High board
Poetry (Structured)2013-01-30Trespass ( added to)
Poetry (Structured)2013-01-31Grandma round for tea
Poetry (Structured)2013-01-31February Acrostic
Poetry (Love)2013-02-02Parallel Universe
Poetry 2013-02-08Longing a banished word
Poetry (Love)2013-02-08Driftwood
Poetry (Love)2013-02-09Nowhere hurts less than nothing.
Poetry (Love)2013-02-09I left you simmering
Poetry (Love)2013-02-09Careful net dipping
Poetry (Comedy)2013-02-09Greedy poem gannet
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-02-09Cast and catch a poem
Poetry (Structured)2013-02-13Centro poem ( second line is mine)
Poetry (Structured)2013-02-14Cupids Arrows
Poetry (Comedy)2013-02-16Rosie's a water baby
Poetry (Comedy)2013-02-17Bodily functions
Poetry (Comedy)2013-02-17Mirror Mirror.
Poetry 2013-02-17Cyberspace
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-17She
Poetry (Structured)2013-02-21Unkept ( remastered)
Poetry (Structured)2013-02-21Lake swimming
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-02-22Special Spectrum
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-23Voice
Poetry (Comedy)2013-02-24Drunken construction
Poetry (Structured)2013-02-25Our Auntie Maggie
Poetry (Love)2013-02-26Splinter and fragment (lyrics maybe)
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-28Friendly beast
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-03-08True North
Poetry (Depressed)2013-03-19Goodbye
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-03-23Birdy
Poetry (Reflective)2013-03-29Begging in the breeze
Poetry (Fantasy)2013-04-08Daydreaming
Poetry (Reflective)2013-04-08Duel to the death
Poetry (Comedy)2013-04-09Poo Fairy
Graphic Art 2013-04-10Tattoo the brave
Poetry (Comedy)2013-04-12Washing time machine
Poetry (Structured)2013-04-12Return journey blues ( Quintessentially British & a sonnet )
Poetry (Comedy)2013-04-12Poetic licence ( edited)
Poetry (Comedy)2013-04-13For the sake of the fairies
Poetry (Tribute)2013-04-14Global
Poetry (Comedy)2013-04-14Spider Season
Poetry (Personal)2013-04-20Shy
Poetry (Personal)2013-04-20A Writers' Zen
Poetry (Comedy)2013-04-21Bloody Ikea
Poetry (Comedy)2013-04-25Sky Fall
Poetry (Personal)2013-04-27Black and Gold
Poetry (Personal)2013-05-11Wall of words
Poetry (Reflective)2013-05-22Empty
Poetry (Political)2013-06-01Rubbish!
Poetry (Love)2013-06-02Jewellery box
Poetry (Comedy)2013-06-03Exception to the rule
Poetry (Personal)2013-06-06Hung up ( edit)
Poetry (Love)2013-06-08Digging to Australia. Added to and re edited.
Poetry (Tribute)2013-06-22Star of the Sea
Poetry (Personal)2013-06-23Sever
Poetry (Personal)2013-07-03Ankle Swingers
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