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I'm your own Dr. Strangelove syndrome!

“The most important thing in art is The Frame. For painting: literally; for other arts: figuratively-- because, without this humble appliance, you can't know where The Art stops and The Real World begins. You have to put a 'box' around it because otherwise, what is that shit on the wall?”

― Frank Zappa

metaphormachine's Works

Poetry 2013-01-11The Rather Ordinary Torture
Poetry 2013-01-12Fools Like Us
Poetry (Love)2013-01-12Passion
Poetry (Love)2013-01-12Hummingbird Feather
Poetry 2013-01-12Clouds Wisdom
Poetry 2013-01-13On the Threshold
Poetry 2013-01-13The Sweet Ass
Poetry 2013-01-13Graffiti
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-21I am ...
Poetry (Love)2013-01-21Honey
Poetry (Love)2013-01-21Supporter of Our Sheer Delusion Jokes
Poetry 2013-01-22Visual Field
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-01-23Angel in Narcosis
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-01-23The Liquid Form of Movement
Poetry (Structured)2013-01-25Ode to Access to Room 12
Poetry 2013-01-26A Pack of Snakes
Poetry 2013-01-26Venus Moon
Poetry (Love)2013-01-28Surfaces
Poetry (Love)2013-01-28Form-vest
Poetry (Love)2013-01-28An Undoubted Faith in God
Poetry (Love)2013-01-28Angel with Defects
Poetry (Love)2013-01-28Even Angels Will Love
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-01-28In the Search
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-01-28Dozens of Formations
Poetry 2013-01-28Solar Winds
Poetry 2013-01-28Asphalt Dogs
Poetry 2013-01-28Colourful Days Fade
Poetry 2013-01-28The Ballistic Curve
Poetry 2013-01-28Gallant & on the Whole
Poetry 2013-01-28Sophistications Mirror
Poetry (Love)2013-01-28Pearl
Poetry 2013-01-29Lust Swing
Poetry (Structured)2013-01-29Differenzmaschine
Poetry 2013-01-30Obsidian
Poetry (Love)2013-01-31Landing
Poetry 2013-01-31Baby, Blue Sky
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-02-01Sweet Wings
Poetry 2013-02-01Apparatus in the Background
Poetry 2013-02-01Midnight Blue
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-01Vague
Poetry 2013-02-01Home
Graphic Art (Reflective)2013-02-02Lethargy
Graphic Art 2013-02-02Segnitia
Poetry 2013-02-07Tired
Poetry 2013-02-09Bittersweet Box
Poetry 2013-02-09Pointman
Poetry 2013-02-10Birds of Prey
Poetry 2013-02-10Mantis
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-02-10Destination
Poetry 2013-02-12Individual Subjective Truth (UAS)
Poetry 2013-02-12Edith's Marbled White
Poetry 2013-02-12Extremophiles
Poetry 2013-02-13Waited For One Hour to Solero
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-16On the Yellow Bench
Poetry 2013-02-17Who Is “Fantastica” in Blue? (The Green Pen)
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-02-17Star-hued
Poetry (Satire)2013-02-17Orb City Square
Poetry (Reflective)2013-02-17Hopeful Leaves
Poetry 2013-02-17The Mead of Poetry
Graphic Art (Fantasy)2013-02-22Deep Butterflykiss
Poetry 2013-02-23Big Monsters
Poetry (Structured)2013-02-23Subwoofer Ode
Graphic Art (Fantasy)2013-02-23She Has Dreamt of You Last Night
Graphic Art (Fantasy)2013-02-23Quicksilvermachine
Poetry 2013-04-05Dead Like New
Poetry 2013-04-26Wine Venues with Local Face Masks
Poetry (Love)2013-08-25La Aurora
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