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I am a highschool student who in my free time likes to write. I used to write for myself whether it was venting or just genuine interest. I have pondered the idea of writing for others, I have done so in the past, but I never wrote for the internet. I like the anonymity of this website and I feel with that that I can fully express myself. I have done so in the past, for instance I have ran a suicide hotline for years and I used to write to stop people from ending it all. I feel that I could expand that here by writing for others and for myself. I am new here so go easy on me also I am dyslexic so please bar with me with punctuation and spelling. I couldn't spell cat if you gave me the c and the a. So I hope I can help myself and others through my writing. I will probably be posting various "poems" with various themes some crude some PG. I leave peoples names out and location names just in case, but I will be discussing very real problems I have faced or my opinions so If you are offended oh well.

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