The Beast

By happilydepressed

There once was a beast that lived beneath the earth
He was human until birth
The night he was born there was a strange and frightening storm
And in the midst of the mayhem he began to transform
His eyes grew ever so dark and evil
It had became some kind of beast, a spawn of the devil
It slayed it's father and escaped through a window
Leaving it's mother a widow
Great wings sprouted as it flew out of sight
Into the darkness of the night

Shortly thereafter a posse went out to hunt down the beast
They had to try at least
A week later they were all found dead
All missing their heads
The news quickly spread
The village called a meeting, much would be said
No one knew what to do
Some men volunteered to go out and slay the beast but very few
The wise elders of the village deciced to build a great wall
A wall so strong it would never fall
The wall built so the beast could not attack from the air
They now had nothing to fear
But what they didn't know the beast lived beneath their town
LIstening to every sound
Waiting until the time was right
Granting the villagers another night

The day was here
The day the beast would emerge from its lair
It had been there growing like an evil seed
The day has came for the beast to feed
The villager still lay asleep in their beds
Enjoying the sweet dreams that fills their heads
The beast came from beneath and with it death
It will not rest till no life is left
It kills without remourse
It seeks a bloody end to it's curse
The wall built to make everbody feel safe
Would now test their faith
Only one person had the key to the gate
He was the first the beast ate
The villagers hearing the screams now awake
Running to the gate they realize their mistake
They no longer felt safe inside the walls
The walls were so thick no one heard their desperate calls

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Copyright 2020 happilydepressed
Published on Sunday, October 11, 2020.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "The Beast"

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  • I IS ME On Wednesday, October 14, 2020, I IS ME (433)By person wrote:

    Just think of unknowingly sealing yourself in with the beast, tight

  • happilydepressed On Thursday, October 15, 2020, happilydepressed (398)By person wrote:

    where we feel the safest is where death lurks

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