Sleep, Dream, and Die

By happilydepressed

I slept up and fell awake
Trying to stay awake for my sanity’s sake
I’d rather be awake than asleep
Then my thoughts our mine to keep
When I’m asleep there are my dreams for anyone to steal
What happens in my dreams feels and becomes real
Or that’s the way it seems
Everyone tells me they’re just dreams
It’s all in my headÂ…

Today I woke up dead
Asked for help no one gave
Then I climbed out of my grave
I stood up and looked around
And saw life was abound
I thought after life and death nothing is left
But it seems now life is immune to death
All the dead arose
Even the dying rose
Nothing can die
And time never seems to pass by
With life comes pain
When you’ve lived life to it’s fullest there’s nothing left to gain
You have nothing to live for
Not like before, not anymore
I could feel the tears as I cried
My dream ended because with myself the dream died

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Copyright 2005 happilydepressed
Published on Tuesday, January 25, 2005.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Sleep, Dream, and Die"

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  • Soulfire On Wednesday, June 1, 2005, Soulfire (95)By person wrote:

    wow....if I could have a would be you.

  • A former member wrote: truly the dream of a mad man! i loved it kisses

  • happilydepressed On Thursday, May 12, 2005, happilydepressed (171)By person wrote:

    i am a mad man

  • A former member wrote: I dig your rhyme scheems they have a different kind of rythem to them

  • A former member wrote: Very unique. I love it. - Holly

  • A former member wrote: "I slept up and fell awake" i like that it sounds like the stuff i say when im high very cool love the write unique and interesting simply brilliant

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