The Paper Man

By themasterhunter

I had a dream one night.
when I shivered in fear,
I shivered in fright.

I met a paper man
who was a cold little fellow.
he dreamed of fire, he dreamed of sight

So as I watched him,
he lit a match.
the flames biting, clawing, consuming.

But his hand got too close.
he shrieked in fear, and he shrieked in fright
as he became a light.

Even as I watched, 
the flames consumed the paper man.
and the flames consumed him, in his fear and in his fright.

Are we all paper men?
do we wish for our own destruction?
do we burn ourselves alive?

Are we addicted to the demon drink?
or the adrenaline of flight?
or are we falling to curiosity?

Our lives are our own,
but, remember the moral of the story,
the story of the paper man.

But at the end, few listen
and few see,
the little paper man whispered to the flames;

Kill Me.

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Copyright 2016 themasterhunter
Published on Friday, February 26, 2016.     Filed under: "Philosophical" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "The Paper Man"

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  • Bornfrompain On Saturday, October 3, 2020, Bornfrompain (944)By person wrote:

    This was one of my favorites of yours! Absolutely loved it!

  • A former member wrote: We are all slowly killing our selves but we taunt the things that we may be killing our selves with and when we start to die we are scared

  • A former member wrote: You lit him on fie to symbolize that we all wish to die inside, but we freak out when it is actually happening...

  • Just Dave On Wednesday, October 12, 2016, Just Dave (480)By person wrote:

    Great poem. Loved, loved, loved the last couple of line. TY

  • A former member wrote: Self sabotage seems to be a theme in a lot of the reads today. This so far is my favorite however. You perfectly captured the careless nature we get when we become obsessed with that in which we should forsake

  • Void Vortex On Tuesday, January 26, 2016, Void Vortex (313)By person wrote:

    Oh s#!t. Talk about making light of a gloomy situation. :) They never put deep thought to the paper man's story. It strings true in more than one way. Great write!

  • A former member wrote: I think this is very interesting in the fact that humanity is self-destructive. We're always trying to screw each other over to get to the next level in life. I think this is what the paper man represents in a way. That's my interpretation, anyway... :)

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