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World travel, painting, writing, reading, learning, talking, scuba, snorkeling, catamarans, casino's, wine, fireplaces, bonfires, candles, soft sheets, open windows, cool nights, amazing views, old friends, family, sand between your toes, shade on the beach, cold drinks in the sun, my moms perfect margeritas, Mexico, small town America, shrimp ceviche, filet mignon, totopos y salsa mexicano, BBQ, crazy funky socks, picnics, dogs, cats, horses, chickens, my grandperants house, Montana, the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of rain, the smell of snow, the smell of warm salty ocean air, barefeet, pajamas, hot cocoa, marshmallows, pool bars, sunsets, sunrises, childrens laughter, camping, firefly's, amazing books, blankets, Kisha, the smell of my husband, eskimo kisses, puppy dog kisses, butterfly kisses, kisses, holding hands, eating out, maid service, boutique resorts, anything that sparkles, white twinkly lights, palm trees, pine trees, weeping willows, the way smoke swirles in the air, playing, feeling beautiful, acting childish, passion, clouds, stars, mountains, security, poetry, port and cheese, silly girl fun, sushi, wasabi anything, saki, being naked, road trips, mystery theatre, art museums, plays, Christmas, my birthday, the exact time of day when shadows lengthen and the the light turns golden... and most of all the unfathomable God who gave me all of it.

liquid_emotion's Works

Poetry 2002-03-19screaming silence
Poetry 2002-03-17Handmade Thoughts
Poetry 2002-03-16Fine Print
Poetry 2002-03-16Because the World Knew
Poetry 2002-03-16Views of the Lesser Skilled
Poetry 2002-09-08wanderlust
Poetry 2003-02-14Comercialism
Poetry 2003-02-19Years Later
Poetry 0000-00-00Flowing
Poetry 0000-00-00Amor Vincint Omnia
Poetry 2003-02-21Nightly Shower
Poetry 2003-02-20Momma
Poetry 2003-02-25unadulterated blankness
Poetry 2003-02-25Damn My Parents
Poetry 2003-02-26Within Your Eyes
Poetry 2003-03-15By The By
Poetry 2003-03-18A Mourning Past
Poetry 2003-03-18Forever Reborn
Poetry 2003-03-20In Love And War
Poetry 0000-00-00falling
Poetry 2003-03-31Siamese twins
Poetry 2003-03-01For Chrissie... For Ever
Poetry 2003-04-02Where The heart Is
Poetry 2003-04-03Thrashing
Poetry 2003-04-03cocaine
Poetry 2003-04-03The Edge
Poetry 2003-04-05Attitude Adjustment
Poetry 2001-09-14Nine Eleven
Poetry 2003-04-09Tomorrow Again
Poetry 2003-04-20Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine
Poetry 2003-04-09Grasping For Stars In The Light Of Day
Poetry 2003-04-22Through The Obvious
Poetry 2003-04-23A Monet Sky
Poetry 2003-04-23Hark, I Hear A Thought
Poetry 2003-04-23I Don't Buy Into Generic
Poetry 2003-04-25Internet Flirting At It's Finest (or so its been said)
Poetry 2003-04-26You Left Me On The Other Side Of Love
Poetry 2003-04-26OUT
Poetry 2003-04-274/10
Poetry 2003-04-29Any Comments?
Poetry 2003-04-30Papas Song
Poetry 2003-05-01Between My Fingers (a poem of friendship)
Poetry 2003-05-01Soulfreeze
Poetry 2003-05-01Cheshire
Poetry 2003-09-14There
Poetry 2003-12-09The Rest Of Me
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