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*bows* Merry Met to all. My name is Amanda and Aurora is the name I've always wished I'd been given. So when I started writing I took it as my pen name. I've been here at DarkPoetry for over 9 years now, though I haven't always been around a lot the last few years.

As time passes we all change and poems that once were key to me have lost some of the meaning they hold to my current life. While I hate to delete a work since my words might show another they are not alone in such thoughts. College loans are coming due and my job does not give me many hours so what money i have alas is paying bills and not updating my account. IF there is a work you liked and would like a copy of please let me know I'll be happy to send it to you.

The works that are here, well you will just have to read a few works to figure out my style (and when you do let me know what it is) I'll always comment back but it might take me a while now and then. Read if you want and Enjoy if you can. *bows*

I am a Daughter of Kefka, so sayth he and I.
Fav. Quote: "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat!" Mr. Henning
Fav. Saying: "I love to sing and dance in the rain because then no one can see how hard I cry "

Aurora_Light's Works

Poetry (Personal)2012-09-15Lost Melody
Poetry 2011-04-29Satisfying the Urge
Poetry (Ironic)2007-04-18A sorry nights work
Poetry (Personal)2006-04-05Circles of Protection
Poetry (Reflective)2006-01-26Between the Lines
Poetry (Adult)2004-01-21Starlight
Poetry (Personal)2003-11-17Ashes and Souls
Other (Personal)2003-08-20Lost
Poetry (Philosophical)2003-08-12Words
Poetry (Ironic)2003-06-28Life and Death
Poetry (Love)2003-06-13Simple Things
Poetry (Reflective)2003-06-10Somedays...
Poetry (Comedy)2003-06-06Spirits, Angels
Poetry (Reflective)2003-05-16Dreams
Poetry (Tribute)2003-05-16You said...
Poetry (Love)2003-05-11Inspiration
Poetry (Spiritual)2003-05-08Gods & Goddesses
Poetry (Reflective)2003-04-19True Friend
Poetry (Love)2003-04-19Past Time ( Once called Untitled)
Poetry (Philosophical)2003-04-17True Light (The Real Darkness)
Poetry (Reflective)2003-04-17Blurry
Poetry (Depressed)2003-04-16Days
Poetry (Tribute)2003-04-15Time
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