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my name is karen. I'm much different now from all the shit I wrote... maybe I will get some new shit up here soon...

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Lyrics (Abuse)2005-10-20A Little Glimpse of What Killed Me
Lyrics (Abuse)2005-10-20Rememberance
Other (Personal)2005-10-20A Letter to Myself
Poetry (Love)2005-10-21Missing You
Other (Depressed)2005-10-21Dying Inside
Other 2005-10-24Painful Secrets
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-26Stuck
Short Story (Abuse)2005-10-26WHY?? (mature content)
Poetry 2005-10-26Him.
Poetry (Abuse)2005-11-02Bruised
Lyrics 2005-11-09C.U.T.S.
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