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I live and die by the rule of treating others the way you want to be treated, I am someone who is willing to listen and accept people for who they are. I support the ones I truly care about but I will not tolerate the ones who take advantage. My writings aren't always the happiest of poems but what I write comes from daily thoughts in my head and I enjoy sharing the experience with others. I love to write poetry and enjoy being an a community that puts thier hearts into thier work as I do.

MidniteBlaze's Works

Poetry (Ironic)2006-01-10Last Stand
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-09A Series Of Fortunate Events
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-05Wronged
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-05Clear The Way
Poetry (Ironic)2006-01-05Welcome (Nothing To Gain)
Poetry (Love)2006-01-05Hesitation For A Lost Cause
Poetry (Love)2005-12-22Just For You
Poetry (Love)2005-12-19Uselessness
Poetry (Personal)2005-12-18Have I Impressed You Yet?
Poetry (Personal)2005-12-15A Trip Down Memory Lane
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-12-15My Appreciation Proclamation
Poetry (Personal)2005-12-13Falling Away From It All
Poetry (Love)2005-12-13No Love?
Poetry (Love)2005-12-08Carousel Of Confusion
Poetry (Depressed)2005-12-06Dead Inside
Poetry (Ironic)2005-12-01Nothing But A Stranger To Me
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-29So Close, Yet So Far Away
Poetry (Rage)2005-11-25Stay The Hell Away
Poetry (Love)2005-11-24As My Rose Withers Away, My Heart Turns Black
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-11-22Thou Shall Not Judge If Thou Wishes Not To Be Judged Upon
Poetry (Reflective)2005-11-20If Only...
Poetry (Rage)2005-11-17Act Upon And I Shall Retaliate
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-15Disappear
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-11-08Dances With Swords
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-08A New Year, A New Outlook
Poetry (Depressed)2005-11-08Slowly Losing It All
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-08I Just Cannot Do It
Poetry (Love)2005-11-07Such Complexity
Poetry (Depressed)2005-11-04Perfect Imperfection
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-04What Is "Meant To Be"
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-11-01Then And Now
Poetry (Rage)2005-10-30Here To Stay Or To Go Away (The Ultimate Test)
Poetry (Love)2005-10-30No More Point To Prove
Rant (Personal)2005-10-28In Reply To The Great Times We Had...
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-28Wilma
Poetry (Erotica)2005-10-24A Deadly Sin With You, Well Worth The Sacrifice
Poetry (Ironic)2005-10-22The Complex Life Of a Spider
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-14Fragile Feelings
Poetry (Ironic)2005-10-14Forget About What Matters
Poetry (Horror)2005-10-13Guided In The Wrong Direction
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-12Fatal Flaw
Poetry (Rage)2005-10-11Pure Fantasy (Eye To Eye With Me)
Poetry (Ironic)2005-10-11A Reflection Of You
Poetry (Erotica)2005-10-11My Lust For You Consumes Me
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-11Paying My Due Respects
Poetry (Love)2005-10-10This Is Love
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-10On and On
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-08A Nightly Dance
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-08Something's Wrong
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-07Forget Me Not?
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-07Dreams
Poetry (Ironic)2005-10-06A Friendship Defined...
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-06Broken Down Just For You
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-05The Demon Within
Poetry (Personal)2005-10-04Deceive Me
Poetry (Ironic)2005-10-04Right And Wrong
Poetry (Reflective)2005-10-01Twist Of Fate
Poetry (Fantasy)2005-09-30Trip To The Heavens
Poetry (Rage)2005-09-27Haunted (Staring Down The Blade)
Poetry (Rage)2005-09-26Let The Flames Rise
Poetry (Personal)2005-09-26Rejection
Poetry (Rage)2005-09-26The Pointless Things I Do
Poetry (Personal)2005-09-25To Await For The Right Time Is Like A Dagger To The Heart
Poetry (Personal)2005-09-25Parasite
Poetry (Personal)2005-09-24A Message To The So Called Friends And Associates
Poetry (Ironic)2005-09-22Seperation
Poetry (Personal)2005-09-15Redefine Me
Poetry (Personal)2005-09-15Running Away
Poetry (Love)2005-09-14Love Is Best When You Don't Give A Fuck
Poetry (Personal)2005-09-13Trustworthy?
Poetry (Ironic)2005-09-11Neverending Hate
Poetry (Ironic)2005-09-10What A Shame
Poetry (Horror)2005-09-09Like A Bullet To The Head
Poetry (Depressed)2005-09-07The Cycle Continues
Poetry (Depressed)2005-09-07Losing The Will To Live
Poetry (Horror)2005-08-30Even The Purest Of Heart Can Fall
Poetry (Horror)2005-08-23The Prettiest Of Flowers For Your Thoughts
Poetry (Depressed)2005-08-21Void
Poetry (Depressed)2005-08-18Restless (The Bleeding Heart Theory)
Poetry (Depressed)2005-08-17I Thought The Tears Were Over...
Poetry (Fantasy)2005-08-16Devils Over Angels (A Lust For Pain)
Poetry (Rage)2005-08-09Burned (I Put a Spell On You)
Poetry (Personal)2005-08-09My Promise To You
Poetry (Rage)2005-08-07My Self-Destructive Pattern
Poetry (Personal)2005-08-06On And Off
Poetry (Rage)2005-08-06Repetative
Poetry (Personal)2005-08-05Special
Poetry (Rage)2005-08-04Your Way?
Poetry (Depressed)2005-08-03Dragged Down
Poetry (Personal)2005-07-29Watching Over You
Poetry (Depressed)2005-07-29Leave The Past Behind
Poetry (Tribute)2005-07-27The Light Of A Strange Bird
Poetry (Personal)2005-07-27Take The Chance Again
Poetry (Ironic)2005-07-26Never Changing
Poetry (Personal)2005-07-26A Soul Still Lives
Poetry (Ironic)2005-07-23Lost Souls
Poetry (Personal)2005-07-23There You Are
Poetry (Rage)2005-07-21Heaven Or Hell
Poetry (Tribute)2005-07-20Shift To Reality
Poetry (Rage)2005-07-17Arise
Poetry (Personal)2005-07-17Back To Square One
Poetry (Personal)2005-07-13Start Over
Poetry (Rage)2005-07-13Gone Again
Poetry (Rage)2005-07-13Time And Time Again
Poetry (Fantasy)2005-07-12White Into Black
Poetry (Reflective)2005-07-12Taking Back My Soul
Poetry (Rage)2005-07-11The Deceiver
Poetry (Reflective)2005-07-11The Same
Poetry (Depressed)2005-07-11Why Would You Ever Care?
Poetry (Reflective)2005-07-07A Leach, a Blessing, and a Choice
Poetry (Rage)2005-07-07Two
Poetry (Reflective)2005-07-05Current Status = Confusion
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-06-26The Energy
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-06-23Serenity
Poetry (Rage)2005-06-22Avoidance
Poetry (Depressed)2005-06-22Hello and Farewell
Poetry (Reflective)2005-06-21Convince Me Not
Poetry (Personal)2005-06-18New Life, New Inspiration
Poetry (Depressed)2005-06-17Non Acceptance
Poetry (Love)2005-06-16God Save My Soul
Poetry (Love)2005-06-14Farewell, I Guess...
Poetry (Depressed)2005-06-13So Confused
Poetry (Love)2005-06-12Stabbed Yet Again
Poetry (Love)2005-06-12The Unhealthy Craving
Poetry (Love)2005-06-11Only A Fantasy
Poetry (Love)2005-06-09Neglect Me
Poetry (Reflective)2005-06-08A Tragic Beauty
Poetry (Rage)2005-06-06Countless Lies
Poetry (Personal)2005-06-06Accepting My Status
Poetry (Rage)2005-06-03Face Reality
Poetry (Depressed)2005-06-03Fading Away
Poetry (Rage)2005-06-02Mindfucked
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-06-02Crystallized
Poetry (Love)2005-06-02Back Where I Started
Poetry (Love)2005-06-02Forever Lost and Unloved
Poetry (Love)2005-05-31Slipping Away
Poetry (Rage)2005-05-31Troubles and Uncertainties
Poetry (Reflective)2005-05-30Darkness
Poetry (Erotica)2005-05-30My Lust For One
Poetry (Depressed)2005-05-29Nothing Changes
Poetry (Depressed)2005-05-06Never Knowing
Poetry (Love)2005-05-02The Darkest Mood
Poetry (Depressed)2005-04-28Hidden Actions
Poetry (Love)2005-04-28Slowly Giving Up
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-04-21Set It Free
Poetry (Depressed)2005-04-18The Scars Return
Poetry (Reflective)2005-04-17Meaning Of Life
Poetry (Rage)2005-04-17Sucked Dry
Poetry (Rage)2005-04-14What Goes Around Comes Around
Poetry (Rage)2005-04-14Fallen To Rise Yet Again
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