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Hello all. My name is Dan and I'm 24 years old. I love going to concerts, writing, playing, and listening to music. I am very open minded musically. I am always looking for new bands to listen to. Along with that I am always interesting in meeting new people as long as they are real and not spam. Also I love animals, pizza, chinese food, slurpees, sprite, old horror movies, how awesome ninjas are, and peanut butter. I mean really? Who doesn't love peanut butter? Anyway, I haven't written anything in a couple of years. I figured that I would start out fresh so, I deleted all of my old ones to makes room for the new. Hope you all like what I write and if there is anything else then you know what to do.

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Poetry (Reflective)2009-08-10Those Days
Lyrics 2009-10-18Feel The Sting
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