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Well what should i say? i'm back i suppose, for a little while at least. Heaven only knows whats going to happen this time. Please check out all my useless babble i tend to post, maybe you might find something in it you like. Stay for a while, and read my soul.

Life's just life, dont get over it, please choke slowly.

Now I know everyone always asks whats my fav poem? well I guess my answer would be: My Masterpiece Of Lies.
Check it out if you want.

If ever you feel like contacting me, feel free.

GothicBlack's Works

Poetry (Erotica)2007-07-20Sweet Rape Revised
Poetry (Reflective)2007-06-09Heartless God
Poetry (Reflective)2007-05-10History
Poetry (Depressed)2007-05-10Again
Poetry (Depressed)2007-03-30To Live In The Shadows
Poetry 2007-02-12JUST BE
Poetry 2006-12-31The Rains
Poetry 2006-11-02Goodnight Prayer
Poetry (Depressed)2006-10-04I've Deceived Myself
Poetry (Love)2006-09-16To Break the Silence
Poetry (Reflective)2006-07-04Echo of The Past
Poetry (Reflective)2006-07-01If Only For Tomorrow
Poetry (Depressed)2006-06-13As Life Stumbles On
Poetry (Spiritual)2006-06-08Before The End
Poetry (Depressed)2006-06-01Lost In My Life
Poetry (Depressed)2006-04-27My Mind’s At Fault
Poetry (Depressed)2006-04-03Too Weary To Live Life
Poetry (Fiction)2006-02-18Storm Clouds
Poetry (Depressed)2006-01-20Swallow Hard
Poetry (Depressed)2006-01-06To Comprehend Pain
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-25The Screaming In My Head
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-15Raw Emotions
Poetry (Depressed)2005-11-07My Master Piece Of Lies
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-10-03Farewell to God
Poetry (Love)2004-12-07What It Is To Cry
Poetry (Love)2004-01-06Tormented Daily
Poetry (Reflective)2003-12-11I’d Rather Not, I’d Rather Dream
Poetry (Depressed)2003-12-07Getting Better
Poetry (Love)2003-11-06I Just Don’t Want To Miss You
Poetry (Depressed)2003-10-04Lead Tears
Poetry (Reflective)2003-09-18Beautiful Cutting
Poetry (Ironic)2003-08-30Cob Webbed Sunshine
Poetry (Ironic)2003-06-05Fear Of . . .
Poetry (Depressed)2003-03-10Chaotic Meditations
Poetry (Depressed)2003-02-05I Was Once Beautiful
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