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i write poetry about zen buddhism, addictions, and experience. what more is there to say?
My poetry is available in book form at
Finally, check out, and tell me what you think.

johntaiyu's Works

Poetry 2009-08-01Innocence
Poetry 2009-06-09Joy Life Cadence
Poetry 2009-02-09for the ride home
Poetry 2008-09-11Of You
Poetry 2008-07-08My Perfect Wilderness
Poetry 2008-06-10hubris
Poetry 2008-05-29Starlings
Poetry 2008-05-26The Right To Be a Nigger
Poetry 2008-05-19Is In Dreams
Poetry 2008-05-19Festooned Maypole
Poetry 2008-05-19So There I Sat
Poetry 2008-01-05Not All It Was
Poetry 2008-01-03The Sense That Washes Me Away
Poetry 2007-12-10What There Is
Poetry 2007-12-10In The Pivot of Nothingness
Poetry 2007-12-10Meant to Be
Poetry 2007-12-07Who I Am Become Today
Poetry 2007-12-06Comet
Poetry 2007-11-30Back in the Day
Poetry 2007-11-30Dry Drunk
Poetry 2007-11-24Unmended Hearts
Poetry 2007-11-23The Pain That Comes
Poetry 2007-11-12Something's Bound To Happen
Poetry 2007-11-12Feeling Sorry For Myself
Poetry 2007-10-31No One Wants To Know
Poetry 2007-10-31How Much Drunk We’d Got
Poetry 2007-10-31Jacked
Poetry 2007-10-31My Stupid Stupid Heart
Poetry 2007-09-19All Good Stories
Poetry 2007-08-28Where the Weeds End
Poetry 2007-08-02It Sought
Poetry 2007-07-19before the me
Poetry 2007-07-19Canada
Poetry 2007-07-02The Only Universe I have Ever Known
Poetry 2007-06-25Silver Dharma Moon
Poetry 2007-06-20Literal Nirvana
Poetry 2007-06-13Photographs
Poetry 2007-05-27Open Heart
Poetry 2007-05-24A Smooth Soft Belly
Poetry 2007-05-23Run for Cigarettes
Poetry 2007-05-15one last time
Poetry 2007-05-08Tall Cows
Poetry 2007-05-08Who
Poetry 2007-04-23Hero
Poetry 2007-04-14Corner
Poetry 2007-04-10Running From Ghosts
Poetry 2007-04-10Grist
Poetry 2007-04-01Dogstars and the Sea
Poetry 2007-03-29Inch or Two
Poetry 2007-03-21Shuffle
Poetry 2007-03-16Cities of the Gods
Poetry 2007-03-15The Old Chair
Poetry 2007-03-15With Love
Poetry 2007-03-09Perfect Sleep
Poetry 2007-03-02Our Children of Gallipoli
Poetry 2007-02-26Ice Storm
Poetry 2007-02-17it's
Poetry 2007-02-17what it is
Poetry 2007-02-05Easy
Poetry 2007-02-05The Itch and the Need to Scratch
Poetry 2007-01-28Where the Universe Makes Its Home
Poetry 2007-01-28No Worse Nor Better
Poetry 2007-01-22Many Doored House
Poetry 2007-01-18The Last Run
Poetry 2007-01-16the path
Poetry 2007-01-04The Horses
Poetry 2006-12-21This is the Prayer
Poetry 2006-12-20So it becomes you
Poetry 2006-12-13Recipe
Poetry 2006-11-28Oceans
Poetry 2006-11-23Uniforms
Poetry 2006-11-23Good Enough For Now
Poetry 2006-11-04When the Water Came
Poetry 2006-11-03An Instance Of Compassion
Poetry 2006-10-28Plague
Poetry 2006-10-13The Days of Plums and Wrestling
Poetry 2006-10-06Not in the Boat
Poetry 2006-09-21Trouble
Poetry 2006-09-20The Big It
Poetry 2006-09-14Everything Else Was Gorgeous Deep Royal Blue
Poetry 2006-09-10stooped shoulders
Poetry 2006-09-10Seekers
Poetry 2006-09-01Strange Beliefs
Poetry 2006-08-23The Cushion and the Bell
Poetry 2006-07-24Crickets
Poetry 2006-07-18Meatball
Poetry 2006-07-11Granite Creek
Poetry 2006-07-11Hearts Sedated
Poetry 2006-07-06Not a Separate Thing Either
Poetry 2006-06-27The Karma of Sobriety
Poetry 2006-06-24Ryumon Road
Poetry 2006-06-23Koan
Poetry 2006-06-21A Really Bad Joke
Poetry 2006-06-12Tomorrow
Poetry 2006-06-12A Sharp Stick
Poetry 2006-06-01The Last Exit Before Hell
Poetry 2006-05-30The Gut Thought
Poetry 2006-05-24Infestation
Poetry 2006-05-17A Life Perhaps Not Squandered
Poetry 2006-05-15Two Peas
Poetry 2006-05-12When the Shit Ain't Broke
Poetry 2006-05-11I don't do love so well anymore
Poetry 2006-05-04Memories
Poetry 2006-04-26The Stuff That Mixes
Poetry 2006-04-24The Voices of Children
Poetry 2006-04-18Two Block Radius
Poetry 2006-04-17Still Loving You, II
Poetry 2006-04-10The One Who Owns the Deer
Poetry 2006-04-06River Gulls
Poetry 2006-04-06The Ground Rushing Up
Poetry 2006-03-30Black Girls Don't Suck Dick
Poetry 2006-03-26Kathy
Poetry 2006-03-2421 Years
Poetry 2006-03-20Silence
Poetry 2006-03-19There was Nothing
Poetry 2006-03-18Pictures and Poetry
Poetry 2006-03-13The Really Old Bushmills
Poetry 2006-03-13The Buzz It Gave
Poetry 2006-03-13Back When We Were Innocent
Poetry 2006-03-11Lifer
Poetry 2006-03-09What We Take for Real
Poetry 2006-03-05in the dark pit of self pity and loathing
Poetry 2006-03-02In Zen
Poetry 2006-02-14An old friend Shelly
Poetry 2006-02-14Self Importance
Poetry 2006-02-13Monastery II
Poetry 2006-02-11Historically Speaking of Love
Poetry 2006-02-11how sick he was
Poetry 2006-02-07Old Dan
Poetry 2006-02-05Bad Actor
Poetry 2006-02-05The Academic Life
Poetry 2006-02-02The Grinding Down
Poetry 2006-01-31Them New Pills
Poetry 2006-01-30We Thought He Was Dead
Poetry 2006-01-28The Slipping Away
Poetry 2006-01-26Or Rather
Poetry 2006-01-26Beef Tacos
Poetry 2006-01-25Sleepwalkers
Poetry 2006-01-25That Sweet Sweaty Stink
Poetry (Spiritual)2006-01-24This Life
Poetry 2006-01-23I knew her from the bars
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-23Regarding the Nature of My Practice
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-20The Queen of the World
Poetry (Reflective)2006-01-19Dead Brothers
Poetry 2006-01-17Mexico
Poetry 2006-01-17Something about motorcycles
Poetry 2006-01-16Lost Love
Poetry 2006-01-13The Glimpse
Poetry (Abuse)2006-01-13Carcass Bones
Poetry (Philosophical)2006-01-12Red
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2006-01-12Walter
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