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44 years old now...

Met the LOVE of my life!

Am now a grandmother, and I LOVE it! :) He will be a year old July 8th!

Yay!!! :)

Happiness returned.
Earned a degree... go me! lol

Daughter 22, recently married!
She is the light in my world....

I'm wiser. Stronger. All around, completely grateful!

Thank you to everyone here that kept me bookmarked!
I appreciate that SO much, and am grateful to you all.

Life is still a struggle, but it is a struggle I'm happy to fight with.... my life is NOW my own, and it feels wonderful!

Can you imagine a life without poetry?
Can you imagine a life without pain?

I cannot.

...and I like it that way.

Much love to one and all... drop me a line, and say hello!
I'd love to hear how everyone is doing...

I love DarkPoetry!

"The moment we are enlightened within, we go beyond the voidness of a world confronting us."

-The Buddha

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