The Marketing Department

The Marketing Department The Marketing Department rewards its dedicated members well, and its members are those who have some skill with web site promotion, PR, and marketing in general.

---- Benefits and Rewards ----
o The prestige of having the Marketing Department badge on your profile, and the appreciation of other members for your efforts to ensure a strong future for DarkPoetry.
o Generous payments for especially effective operations. It should be possible for anyone to earn a free Gold Membership by driving traffic to DarkPoetry.
o Career benefits: Real world experience promoting an Internet business. Darkpoet will write letters of recommendation for those who really do good work with measurable results.

---- Criteria for Joining ----
o Must know the difference between marketing and spamming. Should be willing to ask when in doubt.
o Should have excellent computer and communication skills, and work well in an online environment
o Must be willing to dedicate at least an hour or two every month to the marketing efforts as directed by the leadership.

If that's you, please apply, or DPmail DarkPoet if you have questions.

---- Applications ----

You should (1) describe your marketing background, whatever it may be, and also (2) give one example of a scenario where a link would be considered spam, and another one where it would be appropriate. Applications without this info may be rejected.

Leader:  Lydia Jade   (apply)

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