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Born and raised in Appomattox, Virginia most of my life; started writing when i was about 10 years old; this past year has been one of the most productive as far as poetry and essays. More than 160 works have been composed on by me, and yesterday into today (3/11/14) has been very productive. I'm interested in different styles of poetry, and thank the dp community for their assistance. I've composed more poetry in the past year than in all other years combined. I hope to continue being a member of dp as long as i'm still writing poetry.

megaprime81's Works

Poetry 2014-09-03Woman of My Dreams (Alternate, originally intended version)
Poetry 2014-05-31I Need a Vacation from Myself
Poetry 2014-05-29In Jesus Exists Hope
Poetry 2014-05-27Perseverance
Poetry (Depressed)2014-05-26Weak
Poetry 2014-05-25To Know a Fool
Poetry (Reflective)2014-05-25Vanity
Poetry (Reflective)2014-05-21Lord, I Need a Healing
Poetry 2014-05-19Stupid Medication
Short Story (Fiction)2014-05-18The Man Afflicted
Poetry (Tribute)2014-05-17The Two Ladies of DP
Poetry 2014-05-16Ignoring the Bore
Poetry 2014-05-15For You
Poetry 2014-05-15Terminal
Poetry 2014-05-15Missing Her
Poetry 2014-05-12A Many Splintered Thing
Poetry 2014-05-06Broken
Poetry 2014-05-06No One Loves You More Than God
Poetry 2014-05-05My God (Thank You for Your Love)
Poetry 2014-05-04My Life
Poetry 2014-05-03Alcohol
Poetry 2014-05-03I Love You
Poetry 2014-05-03Scattershot
Lyrics (Love)2014-04-11Love Ballad
Poetry 2014-04-10Paranoia
Poetry 2014-04-10Dust
Poetry (Love)2014-04-09An Angel Defined
Poetry 2014-04-09My Angel
Poetry 2014-04-05Deepest Blue
Poetry 2014-04-02Darkness
Poetry (Fiction)2014-03-31The Tyrant
Lyrics 2014-03-29I See the Evil in Your Eyes
Poetry (Tribute)2014-03-28Long Live the True Man of Steele
Poetry 2014-03-26Absense
Poetry (Depressed)2014-03-25Battling Depression
Poetry (Personal)2014-03-24Wasting Away
Poetry 2014-03-23Centerpiece of Misery
Poetry 2014-03-23Rest
Poetry 2014-03-19Eccentricity
Poetry (Fiction)2014-03-19Headhunt
Poetry 2014-03-17Sick
Poetry 2014-03-16The Sorcerer
Poetry 2014-03-16Hues of the Shadowland
Poetry (Fiction)2014-03-13It's Not Such a Wonderful Life
Poetry 2014-03-13I Love You, Sweet Angel
Poetry 2014-03-12I Deserve It
Poetry 2014-03-12surrounded by infinity
Poetry 2014-03-11Happiness--a haiku
Lyrics (Philosophical)2014-03-10Sink or Swim
Poetry 2014-03-10The God of Creation
Poetry 2014-03-10A Glimpse in the Mirror
Poetry 2014-03-10Immobilized
Poetry 2014-03-10Embers
Lyrics (Personal)2014-03-08Kendra (Unrequited)
Poetry 2014-03-08Soy Un Perdidor
Poetry 2014-03-07The Crutch
Poetry 2014-03-07Overcoming Self
Poetry 2014-03-07How Do You Feel?
Poetry 2014-03-05Blue Angel
Poetry 2014-03-04Set Me Free
Poetry 2014-03-04I'm Invisible to the World
Poetry 2014-03-04Dance with Me in Darkness
Poetry 2014-03-03Nightfall
Poetry 2014-03-03Fire Flight of the Unicorn
Poetry 2014-03-02Dark Awakening
Poetry 2014-02-26Echoes in the Darkness
Poetry 2014-02-24Goddess in the Mist
Poetry 2014-02-23Gutter Trash
Poetry 2014-02-21Invocation (Intro) /After Dark
Poetry 2014-02-20Two for One: 1. No More Pretense 2.Blackest: Deadly Nightshade
Lyrics 2014-02-20Re-tired
Poetry 2014-02-14A Bridge in Brooklyn
Poetry 2014-02-13Winter's Lies
Poetry 2014-02-13Vacancy
Poetry 2014-02-12To Be Loved
Poetry 2014-02-11Dispayre
Poetry 2014-02-11Overlooking the View
Poetry 2014-02-11Deeper Still
Poetry 2014-02-11Nightsweats
Poetry 2014-02-08Pills, Alcohol, and Cigarettes
Poetry (Spiritual)2014-02-08When Your World Falls Apart
Poetry 2014-02-07laughter and smiles
Poetry 2014-02-06the final act
Poetry 2014-02-06Draggin' Out My Demise
Poetry (Reflective)2014-02-05Check the Mirror
Poetry 2014-02-03Identity Crisis 2
Poetry 2014-02-03Prescription Pill Abuse (PPA)
Poetry 2014-02-03Replacing megaprime81
Poetry 2014-02-02Problem Child
Poetry 2014-01-31Ooo...I'm a Ghost
Poetry 2014-01-29Bruised
Poetry 2014-01-29Of Them All
Poetry 2014-01-29Eclipsing the Silence
Poetry 2014-01-13llaH eht ni smotnahP
Poetry 2014-01-13Broken Guns and Dead Roses
Poetry 2014-01-11Open
Poetry 2014-01-07Dizeazed Maggotbrain
Poetry 2013-12-31Don't Be So Blue, Angel
Poetry 2013-12-30Identity Crisis
Poetry 2013-12-24Charmed by the Art
Poetry 2013-12-222 Drunk
Lyrics (Philosophical)2013-12-22Party Time
Poetry 2013-12-16Sol and Luna
Poetry (Political)2013-12-16Who can We Trust?
Short Story (Fantasy)2013-12-15Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors Episode 66 Reunion (Part 3)
Short Story (Fantasy)2013-12-15Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors Episode 66: Reunion (Part 2)
Short Story (Fantasy)2013-12-15Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors Episode 66: Reunion (Part 1)
Essay 2013-12-13Is Time Travel a Possibility?
Poetry 2013-12-11Tear My Heart in Two
Poetry 2013-12-09From Whence Thou Camest
Poetry 2013-11-231 and the Emptiness Inside Me
Poetry 2013-11-20Internal Bleeding
Poetry 2013-11-20Zombies
Poetry 2013-11-19My Piano's on Fire (Spontaneous Combustion)
Poetry 2013-11-19Dark Poetry
Poetry (Haiku)2013-11-09"Coming Back?"--a haiku
Poetry 2013-10-31"Loser on Main Street"
Poetry 2013-10-26"beautiful angel"--a haiku
Poetry 2013-10-16Deja Vudoo
Poetry 2013-10-12She Shut Me Down
Poetry 2013-09-26Cain and Abel
Poetry 2013-09-25Rise, Phoenix, Rise
Poetry 2014-03-10Sleepless Night (inspired by Haunted)
Poetry 2014-03-11Delete
Poetry 2014-03-10Torment
Poetry 2014-03-10Losing My Mind
Lyrics (Personal)2014-03-10Tears
Poetry 2014-03-10Bleeding Heart
Poetry 2014-03-10Beautiful Lady (Who am i to You?)
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