you play music notes whilst i write words.

By Star

i've got you stuck in my mind.

dancing through verses i couldn't speak.

words upon words are the smiles
i toss your way when you're not looking.
i've got you written down on
a blue lined white canvas.

I imagine our kisses being ink splatters.
with lips so sweet tasting like
cherries and cigarette smoke.

letter after letter are the heartbeats
my soul makes when
you looked deep into my eyes.
you asked what color they
were through black lined glasses.
i told you they were hazel..

music notes you began to play.
i swooned soon after making thick
inked lines across the words i wrote.
you told me that you'll teach me to play.
i'm thinking of a song to learn.

maybe something by ed sheeran
or something a bit more like your style.

but... i'll have you know...
it hurt my heart when
i found out you had a girlfriend.

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© 2020 Brandi Lea
Published on Tuesday, September 22, 2015.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:


Contest winner 
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Comments on "you play music notes whilst i write words. "

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  • carlosjackal On Sunday, January 28, 2018, carlosjackal (2786)By person wrote:

    Exceptional work. A piece to dig, savour and enjoy time and time again.

  • A former member wrote: Soft and comforting read. You left a memorizing impression on my heart. Thank you.

  • soul_versing On Thursday, October 1, 2015, soul_versing (774)By person wrote:

    Look at you... You go girl! -so love your face! -Bows poetic princess. -Nett Scholar

  • Star On Thursday, October 1, 2015, Star (879)By person wrote:

    I love your face! Thank you, Netticus! :D

  • Lux On Thursday, October 1, 2015, Lux (280)By person wrote:

    I don't know if I have the right, but I'm proud to see you come so far with your writing. To see a new member shoot up among ranks and works and then you winning this contest.... this piece held truths a lot of people have been through. But it's special. Because it's your truth. Love you, Starling. X's and O's.

  • Star On Thursday, October 1, 2015, Star (879)By person wrote:

    Thank you so much, Golden One. This truly made me glad to hear. I'm getting there. I love you too. XOXO

  • A former member wrote: Awesome poem along with everyone else I really enjoyed the twist at the end. Congratulations on winning the contest as well-Mrk

  • TropicalSnowstorm On Tuesday, September 29, 2015, TropicalSnowstorm (1582)By person wrote:

    Wow...there were so many wonderful entries to this contest, but when I had the pieces open and kept re-reading them to decide I kept returning to this one. You set up the ending SO well, and I love the path you took to get there. The small bits of detail, like the hazel eyes, or what song you would learn to play were just brilliant. Congrats, you rock, and thanks for participating! Ciao, T/S Scholar

  • Star On Tuesday, September 29, 2015, Star (879)By person wrote:

    No, thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. Your comments made me smile. :D

  • TropicalSnowstorm On Tuesday, September 29, 2015, TropicalSnowstorm (1582)By person wrote:

    This is a fantastic piece! I love how you loop around to the reveal that you know...and yet you spin around the romantic fantasies nonetheless. Very well done! Ciao, T/S Scholar

  • Phalanx On Monday, June 1, 2015, Phalanx (628)By person wrote:

    That's the gut, I'm talking about. From that place way down deep you bring up to the light and show everyone with your skin turned inside out. Grit and class in the same package. So well shown, you have a happy kind of gorgeous.

  • Star On Tuesday, September 29, 2015, Star (879)By person wrote:

    Thank you so much! I just write what I feel at that moment in time. I'm planning on giving this piece to him soon.

  • Insatiable On Saturday, April 11, 2015, Insatiable (43)By person wrote:

    I love this. So adorable and I wish the best for you babe. Great write. Xox.

  • soul_versing On Friday, March 27, 2015, soul_versing (774)By person wrote:

    Pain and experience is what makes us great writer's, and I'm so proud of you, of this magnificent literature. Simply heartening. ♥much love, Bran, much love plus 10! Scholar

  • A former member wrote: "with lips so sweet tasting like cherries and cigarette smoke." i adore that line with a fuel. i love the idea of you supplying the lyrics and him the music. the ache and passion that fuels the fantasy of this dream love is so captivating and carefully crafted. ugh. the crash landing back to reality hurt me for you. such a heartfelt and relatable piece. i hope your wish comes true. Scholar

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