"The light only penetrates the darkness that's already there
And I am already here."

-Saul Williams

Officially retired:

"He had a lot to say.
He had a lot of nothing to say; we'll miss him."


Aleas's Works

Poetry 2015-03-11Monuments.
Poetry 2011-10-28Sunspot.
Poetry 2010-02-24Salvo.
Poetry 2010-02-13Alt / red.
Poetry (Reflective)2010-02-05The Hint I Missed.
Poetry 2009-06-24A Confession in Bright Dark.
Poetry 2009-02-27Forever and a Secret.
Poetry 2009-01-24The Songs We Sing.
Poetry 2008-11-25Remember Me This Way.
Poetry (Personal)2008-11-10Begging; Still.
Poetry (Reflective)2008-10-24Ocean Promises.
Poetry (Personal)2008-10-04Godsent Goodbye.
Poetry (Personal)2008-07-24Epiphanies Lost.
Poetry (Fiction)2008-07-03Undaunted, Unwanted, and Regrettably Unnoticed.
Poetry (Personal)2008-06-29Please; Don't.
Poetry (Ironic)2008-06-23Cotton Clouds, Forget-Me-Not's.
Poetry (Love)2008-06-23Undertow (Drown Me Now).
Poetry (Reflective)2008-06-02Here and Gone (Dear God).
Poetry (Personal)2008-05-21Of You.
Poetry (Reflective)2008-05-15I, Now, Then.
Poetry (Personal)2008-05-11Metal Noose.
Poetry (Reflective)2008-05-01Dare/Dream.
Poetry (Rage)2008-04-30Beauty of the World.
Poetry (Reflective)2008-04-29Along the Way.
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