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Language is my passion. I love reading things that make my mind pop, I like speaking turns-of-phrase that strike me out loud. I think in third person, often, as if my life was a story.

Unfortunately thats creepy to most people.

I also love history and culture not my own. I'll spend hours reading seemingly boring scholary articles about random things like... the black death... or Queen Mary of Scots... Or Ancient Egyptian embalming techniques.

Because I am nuts like that.

I also like chianti. And bamboo. And colored pens.

I'm obsessed with theology, and though I place my fate in no one religion ascribe most closely to Taoist ideals.

I'm addicted to fairy-tales tilted askew.

I love Charlotte Martin, Vienna Teng, and anything with haunting music and super-pro piano music. Also Dream Theater, Symphony X, and prog metal. Also Moe & Phish & jam band music. Yes I am diverse ;)

I'm easily distracted and leave lots of things unfinished.

Like, for example, this profile... which I'm sure I will change and add to fairly incessently.

Just because I'm me.

And you can IM me if your bored. xfadeoutx7... Again.

"I worship individuals for their highest possibilities as individuals, and i loathe humanity, for its failure to live up to these possibilities" -- Ayn Rand

"You can find meanness in the least of creatures, but when God made man the Devil was at his elbow. A creature that can do anything. Make a machine. And a machine to make a machine. And evil that can run itself a thousand years, no need to tend it." -- Cormac McCarthy

TheUltimateOutlaw's Works

Poetry 2008-03-04A Daughter Of No Consequence
Poetry 2008-03-04The Things He Carries
Poetry 2008-03-05The Bee Keeper
Poetry 2008-03-05Anchorite
Essay 2008-03-07Letter From A Taoist
Poetry 2008-03-07Fate is Fickle but Free Will is a Bitch
Poetry 2008-03-07All The Angels Carry Knives Now
Poetry 2008-03-16Moment Of Silence
Poetry 2008-03-16Swift Kick
Poetry 2008-04-04Posthumous Embrace
Poetry 2008-04-05A Ghost in All My Shadows
Poetry (Reflective)2008-10-25Snapped
Poetry 2008-10-25Polish
Poetry 2008-11-02Wasted Without You
Poetry 2008-11-03And Oh My God....
Poetry 2008-11-03Capsize
Poetry 2008-11-05Form Over Function
Poetry 2008-11-05Panic Attacking
Poetry 2008-11-10Flatline
Poetry 2008-11-10Bantering (back by demand)
Poetry 2008-11-11Don't Tell Me To Remember the Good Times
Poetry 2008-11-11Origami
Short Story 2009-01-28Drown Your Sorrows
Poetry 2009-01-29Red Like Violence
Short Story 2009-01-29Lonely For Them Both
Poetry 2009-01-30Tougher Girls
Poetry 2009-02-03To Capture Snowflakes
Poetry 2009-02-16Make Your Play
Poetry 2009-02-18Alternate Endings
Poetry 2009-02-19Lock Picking
Poetry 2009-02-20Don't Quit Your Day Job
Poetry 2009-02-20There Are No Winners Here
Poetry 2009-02-24Tattoos and Engravings
Poetry 2009-02-24A Clean Break
Poetry 2009-02-24The Running Wild
Poetry 2009-02-25Station
Poetry 2009-02-26Wishing Well
Poetry 2009-02-26Fool's Gold
Poetry 2009-02-26Ill-Fated Triage (Villanelle)
Poetry 2009-02-27Kinship
Poetry 2009-02-28Energy
Poetry 2009-03-01My Voice
Poetry 2009-03-01To Be A Phoenix
Poetry 2009-03-02Centrifuge
Poetry 2009-03-02Lustre
Poetry 2009-03-02Easy
Poetry 2009-03-02Junky For His Love
Poetry 2009-03-03If You Had No Magic Here...
Poetry 2009-03-03Shhhh... Listen....
Poetry 2009-03-04I'm Writing All My Books About You
Poetry 2009-03-05Single Twenty-Somethings
Poetry 2009-03-05Almost Ready
Poetry 2009-03-07Unexpected Places
Poetry 2009-03-10Siren
Poetry 2009-03-12Juliet-Unrequited
Poetry (Structured)2009-10-10Persephone
Poetry (Structured)2009-10-10The Winds Do Shift
Poetry (Structured)2009-10-10The Secret Life of Felines
Poetry 2009-10-10Ann Bolyn- The Price of Ambition
Poetry (Structured)2009-10-11Battlefields
Poetry 2009-10-12Sea and Sky
Poetry 2009-10-12Cacophony
Poetry (Love)2009-10-12Love Letters from Alcatraz
Poetry 2009-10-12Hurricane With A Hit-List
Poetry 2009-10-12The Men
Poetry 2009-10-13Something Like Atlantis
Poetry (Political)2009-10-13Terror Is Trained
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