Sex With A Dictionary!

By NarcissusNarcosis

I have become hypnagogic
watching this
pestiferous quest
for superiority
wearing your
meretricious mask
producing only ersatz work
denigratory towards anyone
who isn't having sex
with a dictionary...
Does magniloquent speech
now equal
skilled poetry?
A tautological cataract
of complex
appearing intelligent
to toady friends
but becoming the
ennui of the masses...
Dyspeptic love
for myopia
stentorian insults
hurled at originality,
barely ancillary to the other
cheap imitations
but smelling like
VD-infected testicles
all the same...
Let the
this sisyphean trend
and sing our victory tune
in icy sprechgesang...

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Copyright 2013 NarcissusNarcosis
Published on Tuesday, August 6, 2013.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Just playing around a little with complicated words...always fun to expand your vocabulary
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Comments on "Sex With A Dictionary!"

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  • A former member wrote: Oh geez. Transitioning slowly--wakefulness to sleep, watching the infection spreading quickly . . yes it seems tawdry, ostensibly--delve deeper and there's nothing there--lately so many critiques built on grandiosity. Eye floaties that shield from clarity, anyone trying to tell me they were born with the definition of 'sprechgesang' implanted in their brain . . . . well, it just pisses me off. Awesome . . . right ;D . . . as always.

  • Alchemist On Saturday, January 18, 2014, Alchemist (691)By person wrote:

    I dug this and like it even more 'cause it pissed people off. I like most everyone that has had their comments removed and I also read works I think stink but who cares, "do you" as the kids say.

  • Intoxicating Delirium On Thursday, September 5, 2013, Intoxicating Delirium (276)By person wrote:

    Not going to lie I had to look up a few of those.. I wish I had a wider vocabulary.. Well great write :)

  • Adam On Thursday, August 8, 2013, Adam (244)By person wrote:

    Just got here, dont really know who hates who or why we may or may not hate the author but I will have to say I really like this. What's sad is I had to look up a word (two actually) I like learning things - Thanks. Scholar

  • A former member wrote: Clearly not for the ecumenical; I even learned a word! This was great, title caught me. Kudos Scholar

  • Devilish On Wednesday, August 7, 2013, Devilish (2667)By person wrote:

    OH my god and have i told you how fucking hot you are. my god i was scrolling up to the top and saw your pic here and had to stop to leave another comment about how fucking amazingly hot you are. i wanna eat you alive. Scholar

  • NarcissusNarcosis On Wednesday, August 7, 2013, NarcissusNarcosis (94)By person wrote:

    To close this off, I would like to say: this site is built around the idea that anyone can be a poet, and I fully respect that. I may not like some poets on here, and one of my biggest pet peeves is misspelled words, but it is anyone's right to have an account on here. I have never read about any criteria or skill levels to meet, but if I have missed something, please inform me. Thanks to everyone for the comments! Have a great evening

  • Sean Mc Shane On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Sean Mc Shane (615)By person wrote:

    You said it all man, this was too cool. Last thing I wanna do is pick up a dictionary for every other word in the piece. Awesome NN, later -

  • Dirtylizard On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Dirtylizard (26)By person wrote:

    Hahahaha! I love this piece. Especially for this one phrase "but smelling like VD-infected testicles". How well put!

  • Deathkitten On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Deathkitten (573)By person wrote:

    Daaammmnn I need to fuck that bitch good! Few terms in here I haven't seen, but I definitely got the feel. You're right though. Poetry doesn't have to have the largest vocab, or be the wordiest to be good poetry. Getting the point across is all that matters, and you did a damn good job here *grins*

  • A former member wrote: Love the true undertone of this poem you are a true wordsmith

  • Nehema On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Nehema (962)By person wrote:

    I know I get tired of thesaurus abuser poetry, so I just don't read that shit cuz I prefer relevant modern work. Though a good vocabulary is important :) yours seems full to me. You're beautiful baby - XXOO Scholar

  • Maladroit On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Maladroit (206)By person wrote:

    This is straight up erotica

  • blue angel On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, blue angel (877)By person wrote:

    Damn, you just forced me into having coitus with Webster, lol This is a sublime example of literary genius;)~ Brilliant ~bitch slap with a book :)~

  • xZombie Poptartzx On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, xZombie Poptartzx (334)By person wrote:

    This comment made my night. "coitus" yes!! llol xoxo

  • xZombie Poptartzx On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, xZombie Poptartzx (334)By person wrote:

    Haha.. I used to read the dictionary for fun when i was younger... it's sad.I need to brush up on my vocabulary for sure... This was awesome though, I enjoyed it and I knew all the words *self-five* ;p xoxo

  • A former member wrote: I agree with the point you make here, an extensive vocabulary is not necessary to write great poetry. Skillful word usage is what makes many poems stand out, regardless of word complexity. Cool post

  • Devilish On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Devilish (2667)By person wrote:

    Oh and i'm defo doing an inspired by off this.. it's a must. shhhhhhh....oh princess powerhouse pussy in the building. where for art thou .. Scholar

  • Devilish On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Devilish (2667)By person wrote:

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!! I didn't know one of these fucking words but i would still have sex with a dictionary .. baby you bring the book i'll bring the glasses and after math of "oh my gosh becky can you believe this ..shhhhhhhh. no talkin in the library." and well get it on .. all eyes on us while we rhythmically mind fuck the genius's .... lmao i love the fuck out of you. oh and this is not a comment to be voted on for ducats. lol. i want you to finger fuck my skull then tell me no bad girl.. i should read more often.. Scholar

  • Deviated09 On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Deviated09 (90)By person wrote:

    sadly, I'm not as well versed in some of the words as I should be.. Well written! It's always nice to learn something new, whether by feeling foolish or by branching out. I'll be glad to read this a few more times!

  • dwells On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, dwells (4339)By person wrote:

    Keep rolling that rock up the hill every day and maybe some night it won't roll back down! Your songspeak is superfluously superb and much enjoyed. The flow was great! (HA)

  • NarcissusNarcosis On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, NarcissusNarcosis (94)By person wrote:

    Thank you dwells! I was wondering if anyone would catch 'Sisyphean' or know the mythology of the word

  • A former member wrote: i caught it, silly.

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