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ღ And I've grown familiar
With villains that live in my head.
They beg me to write them
So I'll never die when I'm dead. ღ

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Poetry (Reflective)2013-08-02Falling Stars
Poetry (Reflective)2013-07-29Pseudologia Fantastica
Poetry (Haiku)2013-07-26Contortionist
Poetry (Personal)2013-07-24Carpenter.
Poetry (Comedy)2013-06-10Love Bites: A Zombie Limerick
Poetry (Personal)2013-06-04Paper Flowers
Poetry (Personal)2013-06-03I Ate People Before It Was Cool ♥
Poetry (Tribute)2013-01-12Devin W. Boone
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-12-31Alice and TheHatter (The real story)
Poetry (Comedy)2012-09-12Where is Batman when you need him?
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