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Those who hate most fervently must have once loved deeply;
Those who want to deny the world must have once embraced
what They now set on fire.

K. Tucholsky

Sean Mc Shane's Works

Poetry (Depressed)2012-01-27Memory Lane
Poetry 2012-01-28Last Run
Poetry 2012-01-28Untitled
Poetry 2012-01-29R&R : Embrace This World
Poetry 2012-02-02Willing to Follow
Poetry 2012-02-03Spitting Mind Matter
Poetry (Comedy)2012-02-04The Good Ole Days
Poetry (Comedy)2012-02-11Wet Nightmare
Poetry 2012-02-13Rest for the Wicked
Poetry 2012-02-20Badass Blues
Poetry 2012-03-01Tarantula Gardens
Poetry 2012-03-08Circus of Mayhem
Poetry 2012-03-10 " Moonshine "
Poetry 2012-03-17Weaving Titles
Poetry 2012-03-19Black Water Baptism
Poetry 2012-03-20Last Dream
Poetry 2012-03-25Interrogation Room #2
Poetry 2012-03-31" Shooting Star " pt. I feat. Devilish
Poetry 2012-04-03" Shooting Star " pt II feat. dwells
Poetry 2012-04-15Couch Nap
Poetry 2012-04-30Queen Card Death Trick
Poetry 2012-05-02Forever Promises
Poetry 2012-05-03 Challenge
Poetry 2012-05-06Me, Hendrix, Gloria and You
Poetry 2012-05-11Midnight's End
Poetry 2012-05-15 No Such Paradise
Poetry 2012-05-17Invisible Flare
Poetry 2012-05-22Truth of the Night
Poetry 2012-05-25Strain of Thought
Poetry 2012-05-30Next Time
Poetry 2012-06-07Black Door
Poetry 2012-06-11" Honey Glide " with Labella Blue
Poetry 2012-06-15Horribly Beautiful
Poetry 2012-06-16Babydoll in Blue
Poetry 2012-06-26Destiny's End
Poetry 2012-07-01Wake Up Call
Poetry 2012-07-18 Dev
Poetry 2012-08-21Forever's Blue Light
Poetry 2012-08-28The Burn in Concern
Poetry 2012-09-16Back in the Shadow Again
Poetry 2012-10-03Thresholds
Poetry 2012-10-08 Star Drama
Poetry 2012-10-09Kissin' Paradise
Poetry 2012-10-15Magic Word
Poetry 2012-10-18 Bliss of You
Poetry 2012-10-27 Abandoned Prayer
Poetry 2012-11-02Open Mic
Poetry 2012-11-04Ode to Joy
Poetry 2012-11-06Kill Your Darlings
Poetry 2012-11-13Too Dark to Sleep
Poetry 2013-01-27Return to Memory Lane
Poetry 2013-02-19Glorious Hell
Poetry 2013-02-21Peace Treaty
Poetry 2013-03-06A Scroll Marked K
Poetry 2013-03-13 Immortal Melody
Poetry 2013-04-03Maiden of My Mind
Poetry 2013-04-30In Just One Year
Poetry 2013-08-30 Ball Nut pt I
Poetry 2013-09-01The Little Things
Poetry 2013-09-09Rain Day
Poetry 2013-09-14 Feeling Numb
Poetry 2013-09-21The Brave and the Bold
Poetry 2013-09-24Epic Ending
Poetry 2013-10-03Today is Tomorrow, Yesterday is Just Ahead
Poetry 2013-10-12Twilight Star
Poetry 2013-10-13One Thousand in One Thousand
Poetry 2014-02-03Soul Search
Poetry 2014-02-14When I Think Of You
Poetry 2014-02-24Too Young To Live Forever
Poetry 2014-02-28 Incursion
Poetry 2014-04-28 Beautiful Premonition
Poetry 2014-05-05 Our Moon
Poetry 2014-05-08Secret Promises
Poetry 2014-05-31 Dream Teaser
Poetry 2014-06-02Phantastic Plan
Poetry 2014-06-11Our Cloud
Poetry 2014-06-23Three Little Words
Poetry 2014-06-25Killer Chaos in the Quiet Madness
Poetry 2014-06-26Fortified Foundation
Poetry 2014-06-29Our Everything
Poetry 2014-07-03Always and Forever
Poetry 2015-02-19Thunder Crush
Poetry 2015-02-22Hollow Goodbye
Poetry 2015-02-28Jade To Black
Poetry 2015-03-31Heavenly Fire
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