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  • "I've missed reading you. "....between a new idea and a lost thought" such a relatable place. I'm glad I checked in for this gem -XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "Thunder Crush" by Sean Mc Shane
  • "aaahhhhhhh life.... the brain makes it all so confusing and boring. Bash it out with a hammer and nibble on the pieces of comfort before they decay fully - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "Shared Reality" by Zyrnuvex
  • "I love the rain...keep praying for summer to end and the rain to return. This was a beautiful expression, gave me the same kinda feeling as when I have downtime and I spend it reading a favorite book - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "Rain Day" by Sean Mc Shane
  • "Thanks for reading n commenting. I wrote this a couple months ago after reading some Rumi poems, I highly recommend anyone to read him. His work is amazingly beautiful, not at all like what I wrote here, just some thoughts brought forth by his quote - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "Deception" by Nehema
  • "Daaumn blues... *fans self* You're an amazing seductive writer. Off to take a cold shower - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "pagan eyes!" by FadedBlues
  • "Silence is heavy in this situation, the words are there, just to hard to speak maybe... You capture these instances so incredibly well. A true poet - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "girl w/flowered cup" by FadedBlues
  • "...that hurt... I remember trying to memorize every detail of a person who made me feel something I knew couldn't last. You wrote that sentiment perfectly - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "Remember You" by Artanis
  • "God damn... I love that you included the inspiration. Defining your inner give us much. The words you use are classic without being historical, easily read, smooth flowing and brilliant. Definitely a new favorite, I want to bookmark this - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "the night calls" by FadedBlues
  • "Yeah, I was intrigued by the challenge. I'm glad you think I pulled it off, I never can *licks my baby* - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "exhale" by Nehema
  • "Being born into a mess can be a blessing, though no one wants to be responsible for cleaning it up. Whoot Whoot! * gives kourtni a cookie* Bingo gf, thanks for the comment n comprehension ;) - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "Fate... feat ~Devilish~" by Nehema
  • "Thanks Sean, n believe it or not, we do try to write together from time to time n it usually just doesn't work out for some reason, so the title on this is fitting in several ways - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "Fate... feat ~Devilish~" by Nehema
  • "Just read this again and it reminded me of something my grandma used to say, "the path to hell is paved with good intentions" - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "Space Age" by Alchemist
  • ""A lisp could quaver" I always wonder where you grasp some of your verses and gift them to us in your writings.. Always a unique and magical experience reading you - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "A Poets Electrified Paper" by Strataic
  • "We pick our battles though sometimes it feels like they are picking us. This was full of contradictions that help drive the point home, made me feel like you're surrounded by conundrums. Though demons are usually thought of as bad, they offer the only solace we can accept at times. Love your easy flow freestyle *hugs* - XXOO "
    Posted by Nehema on "Date Rape Psychosis" by NarcissusNarcosis
  • "Women have been brought to believe that their intrinsic nature is somehow wrong, bad, dirty even evil over hundreds of years. That trend is shifting and we are allowed to be free and true to ourselves in select arenas. Hopefully the new trend will spread and grow. I appreciate your ability to see us as we are - XXOO"
    Posted by Nehema on "glory of harlots" by FadedBlues
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