Comments by Devilish

  • "Ohhhhhhhh damn.. How crazy is it that you can make something like suicide sound sensually stimulating. Amazing job .. "
    Posted by Devilish on "Suicide Pact" by Quietus
  • "Kinda hot tho, im thinking "why not get off on the killing with the wife before shooting her?" But i am reminded time and time again not everyone thinks like me .. :) ... Nice !! "
    Posted by Devilish on "The Night Stalker" by Commander_Cadaver
  • "The angels ride on dragon wings, And doors are closed to darker things ... ^^ i'm putting this on my wall dwells .. as we speak . "
    Posted by Devilish on "Dilated Pupils II" by dwells
  • "it doesn't even matter what you write about, to me, every time i read you i visualize a thousand scenarios .. each one leaves me thinking "wow" .. long time no see dwells "
    Posted by Devilish on "Death Throes" by dwells
  • "Oh yes i remember you .. Reading you reminds me of why i love poetry . Hello Feral long time no see.. Always majestic .. "
    Posted by Devilish on "predatory scry" by Feral
  • "Damn!!! There's no way Seleno could of read lol not for her comment to be "very lovely" ... This was a very short visual into your hell .............. hello there ... i'm Devilish "
    Posted by Devilish on "No Help" by BoyBackFromWar
  • "Damn i can actually connect wit you here ... kinda feeling this way in a sense .......... ....................... Devilsh"
    Posted by Devilish on "Walking hand in hand" by beamish
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